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Tag: Race

Legislation Would Ban Federal Law Enforcement From Using Facial Recognition
Senators Ed Markey and Jeff Merkley have introduced legislation that would ban federal law enforcement agencies from using facial recognition....
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Stacey Dash Says There Should Be No BET, Black History Month
In discussing the controversy over the lack of diversity among this year’s Oscar nominees, actress-turned-conservative commentator Stacey Dash m...
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Twitter Sets Public Diversity Goals – 35% Women in the Workforce by Next Year
A couple of months ago, very white and very male company Twitter made a vague promise to build “a representative workforce, and is dedicated to ...
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Apple Reveals Modest Improvement in Employee Diversity
Last year, when Apple released its first ever diversity report, the company revealed that its workforce was 70 percent male and 55 percent white. Of c...
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Facebook, a Year Later, Is a Little Less White, Male (a Little)
Over the past year, the gender and ethnic makeup of Facebook’s workforce didn’t really change. As of today, Facebook’s employees are...
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Amazon Bans Confederate Flag Merchandise
Amazon has joined other retailers in banning the sale of merchandise sporting the Confederate flag. Following the racially-motivated slaying of nine p...
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Adam Sandler Movies Are Ridiculous, Confirms Netflix
According to Netflix, nobody should be surprised when an Adam Sandler movies turns out to be a bit ridiculous. According to reports, nearly a dozen Na...
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Apple Adds New Diverse Emoji with iOS Update
iOS 8.3 is here, and while it comes with a handful of updates, the most exciting is new emoji. Duh. When the beta of the new OS X hit developers hands...
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Facebook Sued over Alleged Sex, Race Discrimination and Harassment
A former Facebook employee is suing the company, claiming she was discriminated against based on her sex, ethnicity, and country or origin – an subs...
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Apple Emoji Will Soon Be Much More Diverse
Apple’s emoji options are about to get much more diverse. The company has given developers a new beta of OS X, and inside contains a bunch of ne...
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Charles Barkley Calls For Rational Race Discussion In America
Former NBA star Charles Barkley is backing up the grand jury decision to not indict the white police officer who was involved in the shooting of 19-ye...
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Type 2 Diabetes, Obesity Linked to Fast-Food Proximity, Shows Study
It should come as no surprise that unhealthy foods such as those commonly served at fast-food restaurants are related to medical problems such as obes...
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Marijuana Legalization: DC Plays the Race Card
There are lots of reasons that states and cities have come up with to legalize marijuana, either for medical use or recreational. The medical side of ...
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Raven Symone Is Proud To Be American, So Don’t Call Her AFRICAN-American. Or Gay.
Oprah Winfrey knew it was going down the minute Raven Symoné started. But before she could stop the That’s So Raven star, Symoné marched head firs...
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Racist Woman Poised for Viral Infamy After Insane, Almost Unbelievable Rant
I’d like to start this off by saying that this woman be crazy. This woman be so crazy she’s almost a little too crazy. This woman be so cr...
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eBay Sucks Slightly Less Than Others at Diversity
eBay just followed suit and released their gender and ethnic diversity figures, and it looks like the company have hurdled a pretty low bar. Or limboe...
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Twitter Is (Shockingly) White and Male Like the Rest
In more tech companies are full of white guys news, Twitter says they have a lot of work to do when it comes to employee diversity. Twitter follows ot...
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Yahoo Also Kind of Sucks at Diversity
Following Google’s lead, tech companies have started to voluntarily reveal their self-reported diversity stats – basically showcasing the perc...
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Danica Patrick Crashes During Practice, Finishes 18th in Bristol
Friday’s practice at Bristol Motor Speedway was quite a bumpy start for NASCAR driver Danica Patrick. Only a few minutes into the practice run,...
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Melissa Harris-Perry Apologizes for Jokes About Mitt Romney’s Grandson
Another week brings us another TV network that people are threatening to boycott. Melissa Harris-Perry ruffled a few feathers after jokes were made ab...
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