Twitter Sets Public Diversity Goals – 35% Women in the Workforce by Next Year

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A couple of months ago, very white and very male company Twitter made a vague promise to build "a representative workforce, and is dedicated to ensuring fairness in all people decisions, including hiring, promoting, and paying."

Now, it's making more specific promises.

Twitter has set diversity goals, which it hopes to achieve by next year. These include a workforce that is 35% women overall, 16% women in tech roles, 25% women in leadership roles, and 11% underrepresented minorities (going by Twitter's most-recent diversity reports, this likely means black and hispanic).

Twitter’s last diversity figures showed that the company is 70% male overall – 90% male in tech roles and 79% male in leadership roles.

"We considered simply setting company-wide hiring goals, but we don’t want to stop at that. If our aim is to build a company we can really be proud of — one that’s more inclusive and diverse — we need to make sure it’s a great place for both new and current employees to work and to grow. That’s why these new goals focus on increasing the overall representation of women and underrepresented minorities throughout the whole company," says Twitter.

Twitter outlines a handful of ways it plans to achieve these goals, like actively recruiting at historically black colleges and "refining our recruiting and hiring practices to attract more diverse candidates ... ensure our job descriptions appeal to a broad range of applicants, increasing the diversity of interview panels, and posting openings where more underrepresented candidates will see them."

You can check it out here.

"Today we’ve outlined what we believe progress should look like. We expect to come back to you next year and show we’ve delivered, and to be held accountable to it!" says the company.

Ok. We will.

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