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Now, You Can Embed Quotes From Quora On Your Site
You can now embed quotes from Quora on your site, with a new feature from the Q&A destination appropriately called Embeddable Quotes. “Site...
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Quora Raises $50 Million in Series B Funding
Quora, a sort Q&A site organized by its community of users, has just raised $50 million in Series B funding, with a valuation of $400 million. Co...
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Facebook Engineers Discuss Time Travel
There’s a very interesting thread on Quora, in which people of varying backgrounds are discussing time travel. Specifically, they’re addre...
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Quora Currency System Now Includes Promotion
Quara has announced that users can now spend their credit to promote their content. Spending credits will allow users to broadcast to a larger audienc...
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Epic Photo Thread From Quora Is, Well, Epic
There’s a thread on Quora right now that asks “What’s the most epic photo ever taken,” and some of the submissions are truly m...
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Quora Launches Boards Feature
Quora, known primarily as a Q&A site, has launched a new feature to expand on this concept, and become more than strictly question-and-answer for...
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All Facebook Employees Required To Have Facebook Accounts
This may seem obvious, but all Facebook employees are required to have Facebook accounts. Facebook Director of Engineering Andrew “Boz” Bosworth c...
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New York Times Crossword Puzzle Pays Tribute to Steve Jobs
Today’s New York Times crossword puzzle is a special one. Sure, it was created by the man who holds the record for fewest black squares in a NYT...
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Search Quality Should Trend Upward With Expert Content
We talk about search quality a lot these days, particularly since the rise of content farms, and Google’s efforts to improve in light of them. W...
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Quora Hires Facebook Recruiter
The growth rate of Quora (and we mean the actual company, not just the Q&A site) may soon increase at a rapid pace.  Quora has hired Andy Barton,...
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Quora Changes Should Benefit Search for Medical, Legal Queries
It looks as if Quora is bringing a new level of authority to its legal and medical-related content. This could end up being great for search, dependin...
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Quora vs. eHow: Where’s the Better Quality?
Ok, the title is a trick question. There’s no concrete answer to this. You’ll find a mix of quality across both Quora and eHow. Furthermor...
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Quora Visits Tripled Last Month
According to the latest post on the Hitwise blog, ...
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Over the next few days, onlookers shouldn't be surprised if the mix of questions on begins to favor inquiries of the "what kind of...
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Data Credits Quora With 150 Percent Growth In January
Quora, the Q&A site that bloggers and Silicon Valley early adopters can't get enough of, is growing quickly, according to a new report.  A...
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Facebook Will Never Let You See Who’s Viewed Your Profile
If you use Facebook, there's a good chance you've encountered some app or some friend claiming they've found a way for you to see who has been view...
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The Silly Quora Debate
Over the past month or so there’s been an escalating amount of hype and discussion about Q&A startup Quora...
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Are Businesses Using Instagram and Quora to Engage?
I pay attention to emerging technology and trends on a daily basis. While I track many networks, tools, and services, I take the time to share thos...
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Is New Ask Feature a Response to Growing Interest in Quora?
Ask announced today that it is rolling out the ability to personalize the Q&A experience, which has become the core focus of the site.  ...
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How Will Quora Handle Being Both Twitter and Wikipedia?
You've probably noticed that Quora has been getting a lot of press here in early 2011. As a result, the site is getting a lot of new users. As a re...
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