Quora Launches Boards Feature

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Quora, known primarily as a Q&A site, has launched a new feature to expand on this concept, and become more than strictly question-and-answer format. It’s called Boards.

Essentially, Boards just lets you post whatever content you want on your profile. Of course, others can already follow you. As far as I can tell, it pretty much just makes Quora more social network (if it wasn’t already a social network).

With Boards, users can write new posts, repost questions, answers, topics, etc. that already exist on Quora, and post links to anything on the web.

“In this way, a board works like a lighter-weight version of a blog,” says Quora CEO and co-founder Adam D’Angelo. “But you can use them for organization, to make lists of things, as mailing lists, or anything else you want. You can add multiple authors to a board to make it collaborative. We support private boards as well.”

“As a contributor, boards give you a context so you can focus your posts for the specific people who are interested in them,” he adds. “As a reader, boards let you control what you see in your feed with more granularity. You can follow boards in addition or instead of following people, letting you focus in on just what someone thinks about a specific subject, their profession, or one of their hobbies.”

When a user follows a board, they get everything posted to that board in their feed. When a user createws a board, they can add any of their own followers to follow that board. Anytime you write an answer on Quora, you have the option to post it to a board.

One of the main attractions to Quora has always been the people who use it. It has been embraced by numerous executives and product managers in the tech industry, who often share interesting bits of information or pieces of advice that are harder to come by from other sources.

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