IBM Brings It’s Quantum System One to Germany

IBM has unveiled its first quantum computer outside the US, bringing the Quantum System One to Germany.

IBM: Barriers To Digital Transformation Have Broken Down

Brenda Harvey, General Manager of IBM Asia Pacific, discusses how the work at home acceleration has permanently broken down the barriers to digital transformation.

D-Wave Announces 5,000 Qubit Quantum Computing Platform

D-Wave has announced its next-generation quantum computing platform built for business.

Baidu Joins the Quantum Cloud Computing Industry

Baidu has unveiled Quantum Leaf, a new cloud-based quantum computing platform at its Baidu World 2020 developer conference.

Verizon Future-Proofs Network With Quantum Key Distribution

Verizon has become the first wireless carrier to pilot the use of quantum key distribution (QKD) to help secure its network.

Xanadu Releases Photonic Quantum Cloud

Xanadu has released their photonics quantum computing platform, planning to double its power every six months.

Arvind Krishna Replaces Ginni Rometty As IBM CEO

After eight years as CEO of IBM, Ginni Rometty is stepping down and Arvind Krishna has been elected to replace her, according to a company press release. Rometty is the first woman to hold the top position at IBM and…

U.S. Government Looks To Restrict Exports Of AI, Quantum Computing And Self-Driving Tech

According to The Washington Post, the Trump administration has floated a proposal that would limit high-tech exports to China. Under the proposal, artificial intelligence (AI), robots, quantum computing, image recognition and self-driving tech would all be prohibited from being exported…

Ford and Microsoft Using Quantum Computing to Alleviate Traffic Congestion

Quantum computing has long been held out as the next step in computing. Despite still being highly experimental, there continue to be major strides made in the field. One such example is a partnership between Ford and Microsoft, aimed at…

Future of Fintech is Cloud, AI, Blockchain, IoT, 6G, and Quantum Computing, Says KPMG

The future of fintech is cloud, AI, blockchain, IoT, 6G and quantum computing, says Anton Ruddenklau, Global Co‐leader of FinTech at KPMG. Those are the technologies that are fueling the digital transformation and will be central to financial services in the UK and the world going forward.