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Microsoft Announces Hybrid Quantum Computing

Microsoft has added a major feature to Azure Quantum, integrating quantum and classical computing....
Microsoft Announces Hybrid Quantum Computing
Written by Staff
  • Microsoft has added a major feature to Azure Quantum, integrating quantum and classical computing.

    Quantum computing is the next great computing revolution, bringing a level of processing power previously only imagined. While the industry has always understood that the hybrid model would be critical to unlocking quantum computing’s potential, achieving it has been a challenge. Microsoft is the first to deliver on the promise with its Integrated Hybrid feature in Azure Quantum.

    “Quantum computing is inherently hybrid. The key to unlocking impactful, commercial applications at scale will be deep integration between classical computing capabilities including HPC and AI with scaled quantum computing in the cloud,” writes Fabrice Frachon, Principal PM Lead, Azure Quantum.

    “Now, researchers can begin developing hybrid quantum applications with a mix of classical and quantum code together that run on one of today’s quantum machines, the Quantinuum H-Series, and soon QCI, in Azure Quantum. This capability unlocks a new generation of hybrid algorithms and is a first for the industry.”

    Microsoft is making it easy to begin experimenting with hybrid quantum computing:

    You can try integrated hybrid quantum computing on Azure Quantum for free. All users are eligible for $500 in Azure Quantum credits – use it to explore and experiment with any Quantinuum QPU available on the platform. You can also apply for up to $10,000 in research credits on Azure Quantum to further your quantum research and innovation. To get started, just set up an Azure account (check out free Azure accounts for students), create an Azure Quantum workspace in the Azure Portal, and start your quantum journey with Azure Quantum.

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