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Tinder Is Verifying People Now
It might sound like a strange thing for famous people to do, but there are plenty of celebrities on Tinder (at least by rumor). Celebs – they’...
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Twitter Ads, Coming Soon to Your Profile
One of Twitter’s main goals – just like Facebook or any other social network – is the find that perfect balance between advertising and a pl...
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Lyft Wants You to Get All Chummy with Your Driver
Lyft wants you to get to know your driver, and vice versa. If you’re the type of person who wants to have a conversation with the person who pic...
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LinkedIn Makes Profiles More User-Friendly
LinkedIn announced some changes to profiles aimed at making it easier to manage them. As LinkedIn’s Alexis Baird says, “A few weeks ago I ...
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Twitter’s New Profiles Are Rolling Out to Everyone
People are resistant to change, and that maxim goes double when the thing that’s changing is their beloved social media profiles. If you’r...
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New Twitter Profiles Now Available to Everyone
Twitter’s new profiles, which the company announced earlier this month, are now rolling out to all users. Soon, all Twitter users’ profile...
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Twitter Tries A More Facebook-Like Look For Profiles
Twitter and Facebook have been becoming more and more like one another for years, and the trend continues with a new design Twitter is testing for its...
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LinkedIn Adds More ‘Personalized Insights’ to Your Homepage
LinkedIn is making a few additions to your homepage that they say will “provide you with more personalized insights on your activities and engag...
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LinkedIn Provides More Insight into Who’s Looking at Your Profile
LinkedIn is rolling out an improved system for analyzing who is checking out your profile that adds new insights to both basic and premium LinkedIn me...
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Twitter Makes Editing Your Profile Much Easier
Twitter has just made editing your profile much easier by adding inline editing for the profile picture, header photo, and basic information on the de...
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LinkedIn Lets You Add Photos, Videos to Profiles to Better Showcase Your Talents
LinkedIn is giving users a new way to showcase their work by allowing them to add photos, videos, and presentations to their profiles. Let’s say...
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Facebook Prompts Users to Complete Their Profiles
Facebook is taking a page from the books of so many social networks before it and prompting users to complete their profiles upon logging in. HereR...
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Marriage Equality Supporters Paint Facebook Red
Depending on the particular political/social/religious views of the friends you keep on Facebook, you may have noticed that your news feed is a little...
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Google+ Now Lets You Use Animated GIFs as Your Profile Pic
Google has just unveiled a Google+ update that’s sure to thrill all you GIF lovers out there. Starting today, you can now use an animated GIF as...
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Facebook Could Let Users Pay to Remove Ads, Customize Profile According to Patent
A patent application from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg suggests that he, at some point, at least toyed with the idea of introducing a “paid prof...
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Google+ Profiles Just Got Bigger Cover Photos, a New Look for the ‘About’ Tab, and Local Reviews
Google has just begun to roll out some significant changes to Google+ profiles that bring bigger cover photos, a whole new look for the “about&#...
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Twitter Lets You View Larger Photos Inside Profile Pages, Adds Videos to Media Galleries
Twitter has begun to roll out some nice changes to profile pages that have to deal with the media they contain. First off, Twitter is no longer making...
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Twitter’s New Profile Goes Universal on Dec 12
Back in September, Twitter unveiled a brand new look from user profiles across all platforms. The new profiles included a large header photo that mimi...
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Fake Verified Accounts Aided by Twitter’s New Header Photo
It’s nothing new for Twitter users to fake verification status, but Twitter’s recent profile redesign is making it easier and more convinc...
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LinkedIn Adds Mobile Profile Editing to Its App
LinkedIn today announced the launch of what it call the most requested feature for its mobile app. Users will now be able to edit their profile from w...
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