Twitter's New Profiles Are Rolling Out to Everyone

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People are resistant to change, and that maxim goes double when the thing that's changing is their beloved social media profiles. If you're one of the holdouts who haven't yet switched over to the new Twitter profile, Twitter has just removed your choice. The company is rolling out the new web profiles to all users today.

First announced in early April and made available on an optional basis a few weeks later, the new Twitter web profile is designed to "show the world who you are," at least according to Twitter.

The most noticeable change, and the most important one for visually-oriented social media users is the huge Facebook-like header photos (Twitter's are actually larger). Twitter provides some stock header photos, but really wants you to upload your own 1500x1500 image.

There's also a new "Pinned Tweet" feature. This allows you to pin any tweet you want to the top of your profile page. If there’s one really spectacular tweet you made back in 2012 that really represents who you are, or received a lot of engagement, you can show it off to everyone who visits your profile.

There’s also a “best tweets” feature, which unearths your most engaging tweets. They’ll appear slightly larger on the screen.

Also, when you’re browsing another user’s new profile, you can now filter their streams to only include regular tweets, tweets with replies, or tweets with photos/videos.

Embrace the change, people.

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