Twitter Scrapes Data From Your Tweets, Followers, and Clicks to Serve You Personalized Ads… Even With All Personalized Ads Settings Disabled, Says Reddit User

According to a Reddit post, Twitter still scrapes a lot of personalized data from you even with all personalized ads settings disabled. Reddit user u/dangeredwolf says that he noticed this personally and soon realized that Twitter’s own privacy policies actually allows Twitter to use certain personal information.

Apple CEO: Our Own Information is Being Weaponized Against Us (Full Text of Speech + Video)

Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke at 2018 International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners in Brussels last night and gave a bold and possibly controversial privacy speech. Cook directly challenged Facebook, and tech companies in general, to change their perspective on privacy.

Kara Swisher on Tech: A Lot of Their Inventions Are Very Damaging to Society

Should tech companies be hiring Chief Ethics Officers in order to get better at self-examination? That’s the question posed by Kara Swisher, internet pioneer and Recode editor at large, in a New York Times column today.

We Are Simply a Pawn of The Internet Business Model: Data Collection

We all should realize that everything we do is recorded into huge data sets in order for advertisers to target us better, for online stores to sell us stuff more effectively and for government agencies to know what we are up to.

Microsoft Updates “A Cloud for Global Good” Doc – Hoping to Build a More Trusted and Inclusive cloud

Microsoft today released a 2018 version of “A Cloud for Global Good” this morning. “The beginning of a new year offers an opportunity to reflect on the past and look forward to the future,” stated Brad Smith, Microsoft President and…

Facebook Cancels Racial Targeting For Certain Advertisers

Facebook announced today that it no longer will allow advertisers marketing products and services related to housing, credit or employment to target their ads based on race. Erin Egan, VP, US Public Policy and Chief Privacy Officer explained: Recently, policymakers…

WhatsApp Begins Sharing Data with Facebook

In a reversal of previous pledges, WhatsApp is going to begin sharing data with Facebook in order to connect accounts, detect spam and improve ad targeting. This includes sharing your phone number and usage information for Facebook’s internal use, but…

Google Provides ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ Update

Google shared some new numbers related to the “right to be forgotten,” ruling, which has led to individuals requesting URL removals from search results. For all the background on that, peruse our coverage here. The stats appear on Google’s Transparency…

Google’s 65/100 Is The BEST Score on New Digital Rights Survey

How are Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other major tech companies protecting your digital rights? No so well, according to a new study. Google scored a 65 out of 100 in the inaugural Ranking Digital rights Corporate Accountability Index, which you…

Snapchat: We Aren’t Stockpiling Your Private Snaps

Snapchat users had a little bit of a freakout last week when the company updated its privacy policy and terms of service. On Friday, Snapchat updated its terms to give itself “worldwide, perpetual, royalty-free, sublicensable, and transferable license to host,…