Report: 1 in 2 Android Apps Share User Data With Third Parties

Android apps continue to be a privacy nightmare, with 1 in 2 apps on the Google Play Store sharing user data with third parties.

TikTok Refuses to Commit to Keeping US User Data Out of China

US lawmakers are finally getting the real picture from TikTok, as the company refuses to commit to keeping US data out of China.

Websites Are Shunning the Facebook Button Over Privacy

Once almost ubiquitous across the internet, websites are increasingly shunning the Facebook button over privacy concerns.

Privacy Advocates Want Stronger Data Rules For Mobile Providers

Privacy advocates are pushing for stricter rules about how mobile carriers handle users’ wireless data.

Google Tops Big Tech Data Tracking With 39 Types of Private Data

Google is the most invasive of Big Tech companies, tracking 39 different private user data points, more than any of its peers.

Oracle Faces Class Action Suit Over Its ‘Mass Surveillance’

Oracle is facing a class action lawsuit over what is being described as its “mass surveillance” of the general public.

FTC Targets ‘Corporate Surveillance’ and ‘Data Security’

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is targeting “corporate surveillance,” wherein companies profit from the data they collect on consumers.

DuckDuckGo Adds More Microsoft Tracking Protection, Now Better Than Ever

DuckDuckGo has added additional protection against Microsoft tracking, addressing concerns that were raised in May.

Amazon’s Ring and Google Nest Give Footage to Police Without Warrants

Amazon’s Ring and Google Nest devices are popular home security options, but users may want to look elsewhere if privacy is a concern.

FCC Chairwoman Rosenworcel Wants More Info on Mobile Carrier Data Practices

FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel wants more information from mobile carriers on their data practices.

Facebook Is Encrypting Links to Bypass Browser Privacy Settings

Facebook is at it again, encrypting its URLs in an effort to bypass the privacy protections afforded by Brave and Firefox.

Facebook Is Testing Multiple Profiles per Account

In its quest to remain relevant in the face of newer, hipper rivals, Facebook is testing the ability to have multiple profiles per account.

Leaked Meetings Show TikTok Shares US User Data With China

TikTok is once again under fire for its privacy policies, with leaked meeting recordings showing the company is reneging on a major promise.

$5.5 Million — That’s the Price Americans Want for Their Search History

A new report demonstrates Americans may value their search history a little more than some companies may have expected, putting a $5.5 million price tag on it.

ExpressVPN Removes Its Servers From India

ExpressVPN has removed its servers from India in response to legislation that requires VPNs to track and log a significant amount of user data.

Researcher Discovers DuckDuckGo Allows Some Microsoft Trackers

All is not what it seems with the company that labels itself a champion of privacy, with a security researcher finding that DuckDuckGo (DDG) whitelists Microsoft’s trackers.

The UK Has Fined Clearview AI $9.4 Million

The hits keep on coming for Clearview AI, with the UK’s privacy watchdog fining the company $9.4 million and demanding it delete its data on UK residents.

VPN Providers May Be Forced to Pull Out of India

VPN providers may be forced to pull out of the Indian market over a new law that undermines the privacy VPNs offer.

Top Websites Capture Email and Passwords — Without You Clicking ‘Submit’

New research shows that some of the world’s top websites collect data — including emails and passwords — from forms even if the user does not click the ‘Submit’ button.

EU Proposes Most Privacy-Invasive Measure Yet to Tackle Child Abuse

The European Union (EU) has proposed a new set of rules to tackle child abuse, rules that are being criticized as the most invasive “ever deployed outside of China and the USSR.”