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Instagram Not Into ‘Hosting Porn’, But Floated Idea of More Nudity-Friendly Version
Instagram’s anti-nudity policy and the backlash toward it have been well-documented. But now it appears that maybe, just maybe, the company has ...
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Instagram Blames Apple for Its Dumb Nudity Policy
We’ve documented Instagram’s (and its parent company Facebook’s) hatred of the female form for years. The company basically bans pho...
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Chrissy Teigen Is the Latest to Test Instagram’s Nudity Policy
So, how long will this post stay up on Instagram? Model Chrissy Teigen is the latest in a line of high-profile celebrities who’ve chosen to defy...
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Reddit Unveils New Anti-Harassment Policy, But What Does It Actually Do?
Reddit, a site that’s basically run by volunteer moderators with minimal tinkering from the higher-ups, says it’s going to get more seriou...
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Instagram Takes Harder Line on Nudity, Abuse
Instagram has always asked users to be nice and respectful of each other, but now the social network is taking a harder line on a handful of issues. A...
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Twitter Finally Takes a Proactive Step to Fight Abuse – but It’s Limited in Scope for Now
Twitter is taking the first real proactive step to combat abusive content on the site. Anil Dash noticed a new feature when he logged into Twitter on ...
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Reddit Wants No Part of the Next Fappening
Last year, hundreds of nude images of celebrities were stolen off the cloud and passed around various internet channels including 4chan and reddit. Th...
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Marijuana Legalization Was Facebook’s Most-Discussed Topic on Election Day
On Election Day, with hotly contested House, Senate, and Gubernatorial races happening all over the country, social media chatter was turned up to 11....
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Twitter Now Removes Images of the Dead Upon Request
In some circumstances, upon request of the family, Twitter will now delete images of the deceased. In order for Twitter to act on any specific imagery...
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Twitter Says It’ll Work on Its Anti-Abuse Policies
In the aftermath of Robin Williams’ death, his daughter Zelda was pretty much driven off Twitter by a handful of horrible people. Merely hours a...
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Google Abandons Real Name Policy for Google+, Apologizes for the Confusion
After years of complaints from users, Google has finally caved and dropped the real name policy that governed Google+, which in turn affected many oth...
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Apple’s iPhone Return Window Shrinks to 14 Days
For a while now, Apple has allowed customers to return any iPhone they purchased 30 days ago or less at an official Apple store (or online)–consider...
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Facebook Clarifies Policy on Graphic Content
Facebook says that when it comes to graphic, violent content posted on the site, they’re going to start taking a more “holistic” app...
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Facebook Reverses Ban on Graphic Beheading Videos [UPDATED]
UPDATE: Facebook confirmed that users can share these types of videos as long as they’re not encouraging the activity, and a spokesperson also t...
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Facebook to Pull All Ads from Pages with ‘Violent, Graphic, or Sexual Content’
Starting next Monday, if you operate a page or group that contains any violent, graphic, or sexual content, you’re going on Facebook’s bla...
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Facebook Allows Mastectomy Photos Following Public Outcry, Petition
Facebook has a breast phobia. Anyone who’s attempted to post art, breastfeeding photographs, and even photos that resemble breasts but are not a...
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Facebook Won’t Pull Shockingly Graphic Indian Prostitution Page [UPDATED]
UPDATE: It looks like Facebook has removed the page, as I thought they would. But it was still active for a long time, and Facebook did delay in yanki...
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Pinterest Will Soon Allow Nudity, As Long As It’s Artistic
Pinterest, like many other social sites, has had to deal with an unavoidable amount of nudity, porn, and the battle between the two. Is a bare breast ...
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Facebook Officially Kills the User Vote
Yesterday the voting period ended on Facebook’s third and final Site Governance vote, and we told you that the results overwhelmingly supported ...
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Facebook Just Eliminated Voting That Doesn’t Matter with a Vote That Didn’t Matter
And with that, Facebook’s tepid attempt at democracy comes to a close. Voting is over in Facebook’s third (and final) Site Governance vote...
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