Apple's iPhone Return Window Shrinks to 14 Days

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For a while now, Apple has allowed customers to return any iPhone they purchased 30 days ago or less at an official Apple store (or online)–considering the phone wasn't screwed up and it had all of its accessories with it.

The policy itself isn't going away–but the window you have to return your unwanted iPhone has shrunk. Now, you must bring your device back within 14 days of purchase.

9to5 Mac reports that Apple plans on changing the policy officially on March 13th, but if you check out the fine print on Apple's legal site, you'll see that the company has already made the shift.

"For iPhone returns, you may return your undamaged iPhone with its included accessories within 14 days of purchase for a full refund. Here’s the important part: returning your iPhone may not automatically cancel or reset your wireless account; you are responsible for your wireless service agreement and for any applicable fees associated with your wireless account. Please contact your provider for more information," says Apple.

Just last week, Apple said that iPhone returns could take place within 30 days of purchase.

Speaking of carriers, this move will align Apple's policy with that of most carriers–a two-week return window. Apple's 30-day iPhone return policy was generous, at least when compared to what most carriers practice. At least now there won't be any confusion–no matter where you buy your iPhones, you have two weeks to make up your mind.

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