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Moz Founder Says Google Knows Everything and is Now Relying on Behavioral Data for Search Rankings
Google is now relying on behavioral data that it gets from searchers, Chrome users, Android, etc. as the primary way that it ranks pages....
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Google Says “Don’t Worry About Links”
Links are a topic on the mind of every webmaster, search marketer and entrepreneur, especially as it relates to ranking in Google search results. The ...
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Google Toolbar PageRank Now Gone
Last month, we learned that Google was officially killing off Toolbar PageRank. The data hadn’t been updated for a long time anyway, but the com...
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Google Toolbar PageRank Is Going Away
While it’s been clear for much longer that Google Toolbar PageRank is dead as a meaningful indicator of anything, Google said in late 2014 on re...
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Google’s Not Checking Your Facts Just Yet
A recently released Google research paper has been drawing some attention throughout the search industry. It proposes a signal for ranking search resu...
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Google: We Don’t Plan On Updating PageRank Again
The writing has been on the wall for quite some time, but if you’re still clinging to any shred of hope that Google will be updating Toolbar Pag...
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Google Is Not Going To Be Updating Toolbar PageRank Anymore
It looks like Google Toolbar PageRank may officially be a thing of the past. This will no doubt please some, while upsetting others, but for better or...
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Google Toolbar PageRank Lives (For Now)
Just when you thought you were out, they’ve pulled you back in. Google has updated its data for Toolbar PageRank, after giving indication that i...
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Matt Cutts Tells You Why Your Site’s PageRank Isn’t Changing (Kind Of)
The question of whether or not Google Toolbar PageRank is dead has come back around, as Google’s Matt Cutts indicated the other day that we̵...
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Matt Cutts Indicates You Should Not Hold Your Breath For A PageRank Update
Back in August, we discussed Google’s lack of a toolbar PageRank update, and speculated that it might simply be dead. Based on recent comments b...
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Has Google Killed Off Toolbar PageRank? And If Not, Should It?
We may have reached the end of an era. We haven’t seen anything official, but Google hasn’t been updating Toolbar PageRank, and hasn’...
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Google PageRank-Inspired Cancer Research Published
Google’s PageRank algorithm is the inspiration for a new lung cancer study published in the journal Cancer Research. Researchers fron the Univer...
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Wondering What Percentage Of PageRank Disappears Through 301 Redirects?
Google’s Matt Cutts discusses loss of PageRank from 301 redirects in the latest Webmaster Help video. Specifically, he answers the following use...
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Here’s Why Google Doesn’t Turn Off Toolbar PageRank
Now that Google’s Matt Cutts is back online, he’s been steadily putting out new Webmaster Help videos on a daily basis. It will be interes...
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Google Releases Toolbar PageRank Update
Google updates toolbar PageRank about four times a year. They updated it in November, and August before that. Now they’ve updated it again – t...
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Google Algorithm Used For Cancer Research…Again
Earlier this year, we looked at a story about a Washington State University chemistry professor who claimed to have adapted Google’s PageRank algori...
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Google Pushes New Toolbar PageRank Update
Google updates toolbar PageRank about four times a year. They updated it in August, and now they’ve updated it again. As you would expect, some ...
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With Search Engine Optimization being such an integral part of how we use the Internet today, keeping tabs on your website’s Google PageRank is ...
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Google Updates Toolbar PageRank Again
Google has updated the Google Toolbar PageRank again, for the first time since May. Obviously sites are moving both up and down, but we’re not s...
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PageRank: Is There Anything It Can’t Be Applied To?
We’ve seen Google’s PageRank algorithm applied to cancer outcome prediction and used to determine molecular shapes and chemical reactions....
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