Microsoft Services Recovering From An Hours-Long Outage

Microsoft services appear to be working after an hours-long outage that impacted Microsoft 365, Outlook, and Teams.

The Advantages of Using Outlook for Collaboration and Teamwork

In today’s tech savvy world, communication is key. Learn more about the advantages of using Outlook for collaboration and teamwork below.

Uber Receipt Emails Are Crashing Microsoft Outlook and Word

Microsoft has identified an issue with receipt emails from Uber, as well as some others, that are causing Outlook and Word to hang and/or crash.

Microsoft: ‘The Digital Employee Experience IS The Employee Experience’

Microsoft has shared a number of insights about how remote work has become the “new normal,” and updated several apps to reflect that.

Microsoft Outlook a Major Security Issue for WFM

Amid an unprecedented transition to work from home (WFM), Microsoft Outlook has come into focus as a security weak point.

Microsoft Acknowledges Outlook Outage

Microsoft has acknowledged an outage impacting Outlook, for both desktop and Microsoft 365, with a fix in the works.

Microsoft Planning a Web-Based Universal Version of Outlook

Microsoft is planning on consolidating Outlook for Windows and the Mac, providing a single version based on web technologies.

Microsoft Sets Its Sights on Zoom With Teams Upgrade

Not one to rest on its laurels, Microsoft has released an update to Teams that appears to have Zoom squarely in its sights.

Windows 10 Includes Improved Cortana

Cortana has received some nice upgrades in Windows 10, with a focus on helping users be more productive.

Microsoft Teams Gets Outlook Integration and More

Microsoft just announced a bevy of new features for Microsoft Teams, bringing Outlook integration, targeted communication, new files experience and more.

Apple May Allow iOS Users to Change Default Apps

Apple may (finally) be on the verge of allowing other apps to be set as the defaults in iOS.

New ‘Spaces’ Feature Could Come to Outlook

Outlook may be getting a major upgrade with a new ‘Outlook Spaces’ feature, providing a new project-based organization system.

Microsoft Introduces Bing Pages To Help Individuals & Companies Manage Their Brands

First reported by MSPoweruser, Microsoft has unveiled Bing Pages, a new way “for brands to manage their public personas on Microsoft products like Bing and Outlook.” When searching for a well-known or popular person, company or brand, Bing will often…

Workona Launches Desktop For The Cloud; Raises $6 Million in Seed Funding

Workona has announced “the launch of their cloud desktop, a work management platform that allows users to access and manage resources across more than 75 popular cloud apps from a single unified system.” The company recently completed “a $6 million…

Microsoft Introduces Third Party Add-ins to Outlook on Android

Microsoft just revved up its Outlook Android app making it more productive and fun for users. In a recent announcement, the tech giant announced that it has updated the software to now support a variety of third party add-in apps.…

Microsoft Outlook Mobile Apps Get Redesign, Have 30 Million Users

Microsoft announced that it has redesigned the user interface of Outlook on iOS and Android. The company also revealed that in the nine months since launch, the mobile apps have gained 30 million active users. One in five of the…

Report: Gmail Android App To Support Third-Party Accounts

Google officially announced Android 5.0 Lollipop last week, and now it appears the Gmail app is getting a new update to go along with it. Android Police is reporting that the new app will be able to handle email accounts…

Microsoft And Salesforce Launch Strategic Cloud Partnership

Microsoft and Salesforce just announced a strategic partnership, which will see the two creating new solutions that connect Salesforce’s CRM apps and platform to Microsoft Office and Windows. The company announced two specific products: Salesforce1 for Windows and Windows Phone…

Microsoft Adds New Gmail Import Feature To In Hopes Of Stealing Away Users

Microsoft announced a new feature for aimed at making it easier for users to import their Gmail accounts. As you may know, much of Microsoft’s “Scroogled” efforts have slung mud at Gmail, in hopes of gaining more users.…

Microsoft Allows NSA/FBI To Access Outlook, Skype, Other Communication Software

Over at the YouTube page for Microsoft’s Your Privacy is Our Priority video, the description features the following promise: The lines between public and private may never be perfect, but at Microsoft we are going to keep on trying, because…