Oracle Brings MySQL HeatWave to AWS

Oracle has brought its MySQL HeatWave to AWS in an effort to help customers keep costs down and benefit from Oracle’s services.

Steve Jobs Was Right, and Tech Firms Are Screwing Up With Mass Layoffs

Tech firms are setting themselves up for problems by not following the Steve Jobs playbook for responding to an economic downturn.

Oracle Faces Class Action Suit Over Its ‘Mass Surveillance’

Oracle is facing a class action lawsuit over what is being described as its “mass surveillance” of the general public.

Oracle Begins Audit of TikTok’s Algorithms for Beijing’s Influence

TikTok is pulling out all the stops to prove it is independent of Beijing’s influence, turning to Oracle to audit its algorithms.

Oracle Layoffs Lead to ‘Complete Chaos’

Oracle’s layoffs have hit its marketing and customer experience (CX) divisions, causing chaos within the company.

Oracle Begins Laying People Off

Layoffs have begun at Oracle, with the company planning to cut thousands of jobs to reduce expenses.

Microsoft Organizing Cloud Vendors to Take On Amazon’s Government Dominance

Microsoft is working to put a dent in Amazon’s dominance in the government agency cloud computing space, organizing its rivals to help.

Microsoft and Oracle Partner to Integrate Azure and Oracle Cloud

Microsoft and Oracle are partnering to integrate their platforms, providing customers with a powerful multicloud option.

UK Heatwave Takes Out Google and Oracle Cloud Servers

The UK is experiencing record heat, and it’s taking a toll on cloud servers and the websites they power.

Oracle the First Major Cloud Provider to Open Cloud Region in Mexico

Oracle has beat its larger rivals to a significant milestone, becoming the first major cloud provider to open a cloud region in Mexico.

Oracle Turns to AI to Automate Digital Marketing With Fusion Marketing

In an industry first, Oracle is using artificial intelligence (AI) to help automate digital marketing.

Microsoft Azure Is a Major Threat to AWS

Multiple reports are showing that Microsoft Azure is increasingly becoming a major threat to AWS in the cloud space.

Oracle Has a ‘Cloud-First’ Problem As Rivals Threaten Its Database Dominance

Oracle may be the undisputed king of the database market, but cloud-first rivals are threatening that dominance with cheaper, more flexible options.

Oracle Releases Massive April 2022 Critical Patch Update

Oracle has released a major April 2022 Critical Patch Update, fixing a whopping 520 issues.

Pentagon Pushes Cloud Contract Award to December

The Pentagon has pushed back the Joint Warfighting Cloud Capability (JWCC) contract award to December, adding to the saga of its cloud transition.

Microsoft Azure Usage Pulls Ahead of AWS

Microsoft continues to gain ground in the cloud market, even pulling ahead of leader AWS in some usage scnarios.

Mergers and Acquisitions Set New Record in 2021, Led by Cloud Companies

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) will set a new record in 2021, thanks in no small part to Oracle, Microsoft, and Amazon.

Oracle In Talks to Buy Medical Records Giant Cerner

Oracle is in talks to buy medical records giant Cerner, in a move that puts it on a collision course with its larger rivals.

Oracle Opens Cloud Regions in Italy and Sweden

Oracle is continuing its cloud expansion, opening its first cloud regions in Italy and Sweden.

Larry Ellison Says Oracle’s Cloud ERP Will Be “A Lot Bigger” Than $20 Billion

Larry Ellison has predicted his company’s cloud ERP business will grow faster than projected, being “a lot bigger” than $20 billion in five years.