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Tag: Online Advertising

Google May Be On the Hook for €25 Billion in UK and EU Cases
Google is facing its biggest potential fines yet, with the UK and EU pursuing cases that could see the search giant on the hook for €25 billion....
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Senators Introduce Bill to Break Up Google and Meta
A bipartisan group of senators is taking aim at Google and Meta, introducing a bill that would break up the companies' ad businesses....
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Mozilla and Meta Team Up on Privacy-Respecting Ad Tech
Mozilla and Meta have teamed up in one of the most unlikely pairings, in an effort to create privacy-respecting ad tech....
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Google Revenue is Increasing Due to Online Advertising
Google Inc., reported its strongest quarter ever in sales and profit. This was due to a flood of online advertising by businesses competing for custom...
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Microsoft Buying Xandr Ad Business From AT&T
AT&T has agreed to sell its ad marketplace, Xandr, to Microsoft as the ad industry tries to adapt to a post-cookie world....
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France Fines Google $166 Million Over Search Ads
TechCrunch is reporting that France has levied a $166 million fine against Google over abusing its online advertising dominance. France’s competitio...
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Google Adwords Introduces ‘Chat Rate’ Metric for Click-to-Message Ads
To get the most out of marketing campaigns, it is sometimes necessary to do some tweaking and fine tuning before your ads connect with their targeted ...
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Facebook Takes Steps to Clarify Ad Metrics in Light of Complaints from Advertisers
Facebook is finally taking steps to address advertisers’ concerns regarding ad performance. In the interest of transparency, the social media gi...
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Email Marketing is Alive and Well for Brands
Email marketing is alive and well for brands. Over 60% of marketers are planning to use email marketing as their primary method of gaining new busines...
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Mozilla Has Decided Not To Block Cookies In Firefox Just Yet
Online advertisers have been nervous the past few weeks as Mozilla moved forward with its plans to block third-party cookies by default in its Firefox...
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Mozilla’s Cookie Policy Writer Slams Advertisers, Says They Refuse To Negotiate
It was revealed in March that Mozilla would start to disable third-party cookies by default in its Firefox browser. The non-profit says it’s onl...
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Microsoft Advertises Do Not Track In Internet Explorer
Microsoft has been one of the strongest proponents of Do Not Track since it announced that Internet Explorer 10 would turn it on by default. Advertise...
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Are There Any Winners In The War On Ads?
Advertising is a key component of the Web economy as it keeps many of the Web sites and services you use free. Facebook, Twitter, and even the very wo...
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Mozilla Under Attack By Ad Industry For Planning To Block Cookies By Default In Firefox
Over the past few years, Mozilla has emerged as a company dedicated to the privacy of its users. It’s going to take that to the next level with ...
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U.S. Online Advertising Hits Record High In Q3
The Interactive Advertising Bureau and PriceWaterhouseCoopers announced on Wednesday that Internet advertising revenues in the U.S. reached $9.26 bill...
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Verizon Will Give You A Coupon If You Let Them Sell Your Data To Advertisers
Have you heard of Verizon Selects? It’s a new data collecting initiative from the carrier’s Precision Marketing portfolio that seeks to co...
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Do Not Track Negotiations In Danger Of Breaking Down
Do you remember Do Not Track? There was a big push earlier this year to standardize a method that would allow Internet users to opt out of ad tracking...
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Online Ad Revenues Reach Historic High
The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has released a report on Internet ad revenues, which the organization says climbed to an all-time high of $17...
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Social Media in the Middle East [Infographic]
Yes, we know a social media presence is an absolutely vital component of any successful marketing effort in United States, but how are other countries...
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VEVO Sees Increase in Facebook Traffic
Music video distribution service VEVO had said it planned to expand in 2012 back in March, and launched in 6 new countries, and also unveiled a redesi...
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