What is Hot-Desking?

What is hot-desking? Explore the latest style of in-office work trend and see if it’s a fit for your organization in the article below.

Microsoft Will Block Downloaded Office Macros by Default

Macros have long been a major factor in Office security issues, and it appears Microsoft is taking a major step toward addressing the problem.

Microsoft Offering Office Pirates 50% Off

Microsoft is offering Office pirates a tempting offer, giving them 50% off if they will convert to a paid license.

Amazon Wants ‘Office-Centric Culture’ as Its Baseline

Amazon is bucking the trend among many tech companies, telling US employees they should expect to be back in the office by early fall.

Microsoft: Flexible Work Here to Stay, Leaders Out of Touch

Microsoft has released a study of the state of the workplace, finding that flexible work is here to stay, although leaders are out of touch with employee needs.

DOJ Wants More Info on Salesforce/Slack Deal

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has asked for a second round of information on Salesforce’s acquisition of Slack.

Salesforce Embraces Remote Work, Flexible Office Policy

Salesforce is the latest company to embrace remote work and flexible office policies in the wake of a pandemic that has upended the workplace.

Microsoft Azure Will Be Bigger Than Office In 2022

Microsoft Azure is growing by leaps and bounds, with at least one analyst predicting it will eclipse Office by 2022.

Slack Files Complaint Against Microsoft With EU

Slack has filed a complaint against Microsoft with the EU, claiming the company is engaging in anti-competitive practices with Teams.

Windows 10 Beta Changes Start Menu

Windows 10 Beta Changes Start Menu

Investors Betting On Teams Over Slack

As the battle for corporate messaging clients heats up, investors and traders are beginning to choose whom they believe will be the winner.

Majority of Enterprise Will Keep Work-From-Home Options

Work-from-home is one of the biggest impacts of the coronavirus pandemic, and it appears its a change that is here to stay.

Microsoft Teams Gets Outlook Integration and More

Microsoft just announced a bevy of new features for Microsoft Teams, bringing Outlook integration, targeted communication, new files experience and more.

Apple May Allow iOS Users to Change Default Apps

Apple may (finally) be on the verge of allowing other apps to be set as the defaults in iOS.

Unified Microsoft Office App For iOS Rolling Out

Late last year, Microsoft announced it was working on an all-in-one office app for iOS and Android. It appears the iOS version is in the process of rolling out.

Microsoft Announces All-In-One Office App For Mobile Devices

Microsoft just announced a major redesign of its Office apps for mobile devices, combining them into a single application. For decades, Microsoft Office has been the gold standard for productivity software and is one of the main applications that has…

Google Hires Former VP of Microsoft’s Office Product Group

Business Insider is reporting that Google has hired Javier Soltero, a former head of strategy for Microsoft Office. Soltero had left Microsoft in late 2018 amid internal reorganization. In his new role with Google, Soltero will take over as Vice…

‘Strategic Leadership’ Leads to a 66% Raise for Microsoft’s Nadella

In its proxy statement, Microsoft announced a significant raise for CEO Satya Nadella. Citing his ‘strategic leadership,’ Microsoft’s independent board awarded Nadella $42.9 million in compensation, much of it in stock awards. Nadella has been instrumental in helping Microsoft transition…

Google Adds Natural Search to Drive

Google has brought the natural search capabilities of Google Search to Drive, making it easier and more intuitive to find your company files. Google is rolling out Natural Language Processing (NLP) worldwide and immediately so that people can search Drive…

What is Your Best Time-Saving Hack?

LinkedIn Influencers provided some of their strategies on saving time. “Any email you can answer in 2 minutes or less, answer now,” says Betty Liu, Founder/CEO at Radiate, Inc.