Revitalizing Office Culture: 5 Tips for Incorporating Playful Elements the Whole Family Can Enjoy

Learn more about how revitalizing office culture can work by incorporating the following 5 playful elements in the article below....
Revitalizing Office Culture: 5 Tips for Incorporating Playful Elements the Whole Family Can Enjoy
Written by Brian Wallace
  • Finding ways to incorporate elements of play and relaxation into office culture has become increasingly important. Employers recognize the benefits of promoting employee well-being, and as the job market becomes more competitive, employers must find ways to stand out.

    Work-life balance is not just a buzzword. It’s a necessity for employee satisfaction and productivity. And it plays a vital role in retention. One way to achieve this balance is by integrating playful elements at the office that the whole family can enjoy. Here are five tips for revitalizing office culture and making it more family-friendly. 

    1. Install a Playground

    Imagine taking a break from your busy workday to swing on a swing set or slide down a slide. Sounds refreshing, doesn’t it? Installing playground equipment on the office property can do wonders for both employees and their families. It provides an opportunity for children to burn off energy and have fun. It also encourages parents to take much-needed breaks and engage in playful activities with their kids. These moments of play can help reduce stress levels and improve overall morale in the workplace.

    Playgrounds can serve as a gathering place for coworkers and their families, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie. Perhaps it’s a quick game of tag during lunchtime or a leisurely swing session after work. These playful interactions strengthen bonds and create lasting memories. By investing in playground equipment, such as swing sets and slides, employers demonstrate their commitment to employee wellbeing. They create an office environment that prioritizes both work and play. 

    2. Enjoy Themed Lunches

    Food has a unique way of bringing people together. A recent report shows that 88% of American families eat dinner together every night or every few nights each week. Family dinners can improve vocabulary in children, lessen the chances of certain diseases, and decrease anxiety, according to the report. Employers can help families join together for even more opportunities for these benefits with themed work lunches. 

    Laying checkered blankets in the company courtyard and serving lunch in picnic baskets is one way to encourage conversation and companionship. Set up grills and provide employees with hot dogs and hamburger patties to have a relaxing barbecue lunch. Or have a potluck meal where employees are encouraged to bring in homemade dishes. These lunch events encourage collaboration and teamwork, and they can be a way of celebrating diversity and inclusivity within the workplace.

    3. Host an After-Work Happy Hour

    If you want to get your employees acquainted with each other in a fun environment, try hosting an after-work happy hour. Create mocktails and serve them in fancy glasses for the kids (or whoever) and offer stronger options to the adults. Nothing gets people sharing about themselves quite like a little alcohol. In addition to fostering social connections, a happy hour after work encourages laughter and relaxation.

    Happy hour wouldn’t be complete without karaoke. Have families compete against each other for the honor of best rock star. Whether they choose to impersonate Aretha Franklin, Kenny Chesney, or Eminem, everyone will get a kick out of seeing their coworkers sing. Happy hours can also serve as platforms for recognizing achievements and celebrating milestones within the organization. Team members may be toasting to a successful project launch or congratulating team members on their hard work. Regardless of the circumstances, these gatherings often create a sense of unity and shared purpose.

    4. Entertain With Office Olympics

    Many people have at least a bit of a competitive spirit, even at work. Not everyone wants to just get a participation trophy. They want to work hard and stand out, winning first place because they earned it. Tap into that competitiveness with office Olympics. Families can compete in relay races, tug-of-war, sack races, and obstacle courses. 

    Or come up with silly, office-themed games. Pencil javelin, for instance, is when employees try to get a sharpened pencil in a trash can. Rubber band archery involves hitting a piece of paper with a target drawn on it with rubber bands. The person that hits the target the most in 30 seconds wins. Don’t forget to get awards for the winners and have a medal ceremony with the national anthem. 

    5. Offer Family-Friendly Workshops

    Family-friendly workshops and skill-building activities offer a unique opportunity for employees and their families to learn and grow together. Sponsor workshops on topics like cooking, art, and gardening or skill-building activities like coding classes or DIY projects. Employees can learn something new or improve their skill levels while bonding with their family and coworkers. 

    You can also ask employees with special skills or hobbies to step up and teach a class for others. For instance, perhaps you have an employee who crochets. They can help families make simple projects like a potholder or a warm hat. Maybe there’s an employee who restores old cars. Ask if they’ll teach teens how to change a tire or complete an oil change. These activities promote a positive work environment where everyone feels empowered to learn. 

    Promoting a Playful Office Environment

    Incorporating playful elements into office culture not only benefits employees and their families. It also enhances overall productivity and morale. There are countless opportunities to include fun and excitement in the workday. By prioritizing work-life balance and creating a family-friendly environment, employers can attract top talent, boost retention, and build a stronger team. So why wait? Start revitalizing your office culture today and watch productivity and employee satisfaction soar to new heights. 

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