Microsoft and Nvidia Partner to Build Cloud-Based Supercomputer

Microsoft and Nvidia are teaming up to build a cloud-based supercomputer with a focus on artificial intelligence (AI).

Nvidia Designing Chips for China That Are Compliant With US Sanctions

Nvidia is designing an advanced chip for the Chinese market that are designed to be compliant with US restrictions.

TSMC Stops Production for Chinese Biren Technology Amid US Sanctions

Pressure is mounting on China’s semiconductor industry as TSMC has stopped making chips for Chinese startup Biren Technology.

Nvidia, Arm, and Intel Collaborate on AI Standard

Three of the biggest names in the semiconductor industry are collaborating on a new standard for AI interchange format.

More Than Three Dozen Companies Form the Metaverse Standards Forum

Microsoft, Meta, Nvidia, Qualcomm, Kronos, and 33 other companies have formed the Metaverse Standards Forum to help build an open metaverse.

Qualcomm Wants Consortium of Rivals to Ensure Arm Remains Independent

Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon wants his company to be part of a consortium of rivals that would invest in Arm and ensure its independence.

Nvidia Is Finally Open-Sourcing Its Linux GPU Kernel Drivers

Nvidia is — at long last — open-sourcing its GPU kernel drivers for Linux, potentially ending a major pain point for users.

Globant Is the Latest Lapsus$ Hacking Victim

Globant, a company that helps others prepare “for digital and cognitive future,” is the latest victim of the Lapsus$ ransomware group.

Nvidia CEO Calls Lapsus$ Hack a ‘Wake-Up Call’

Nvidia suffered a major attack at the hands of ransomware group Lapsus$, an attack CEO Jensen Huang is calling a “wake-up call.”

Nvidia May Use Intel’s Foundry Services

Intel may score a major foundry customer in the form of Nvidia, one of the biggest semiconductor purchasers in the industry.

Microsoft Confirms Lapsus$ Hack, Interrupted It In Progress

Microsoft has confirmed it was at least partially compromised by hacking group Lapsus$, saying it interrupted the attack in progress.

LAPSUS$ May Have Hacked Okta

Identification and authentication services firm Okta is investigating the possibility it may have been hacked by LAPSUS$.

Arm Cutting Up to 15% of Its Workforce

In the wake of its failed Nvidia deal, Arm is cutting up to 15% of its workforce, or roughly 1,000 jobs.

Lapsus$ Strikes Again: Hackers Steal Samsung Galaxy Code

Hacker group Lapsus$ is in the news again, this time for stealing 190GB of Samsung data and Galaxy code.

Open Source Drivers or Else: Nvidia Hackers Make Demands

The hackers responsible for an Nvidia data breach have finally made their demands, wanting the company to release open source GPU drivers.

Who Hacks the Hackers? Nvidia Does

Nvidia has taken a novel approach to hackers that stole its data, hacking them back and encrypting the data so it can’t be accessed.

Intel Interested in Consortium to Purchase Arm

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger has expressed his interest in joining a consortium aimed at purchasing Arm Holdings.

It’s Official: The Nvidia and Arm Deal Is Off, Arm Appoints New CEO

Nvidia and Arm have officially abandoned a deal that would have seen Nvidia purchase the semiconductor firm for $40 billion.

Nvidia Likely Abandoning Arm Acquisition

After months of intense scrutiny and delays, it appears Nvidia is preparing to abandon its attempts to acquire Arm Holding.

Nvidia Bringing Fortnite Back to iOS and Android

Nvidia is doing what Epic can’t, bringing Fortnite back to iOS and Android via its GeForce NOW gaming platform.