Nissan Developing Improved Recycling Methods for EV Motors

king with Japan’s Waseda University to improve methods for recycling “high-purity rare-earth compounds” from EV motors.

Nissan, Suzuki and Mitsubishi the Latest Automakers Impacted by Semiconductor Shortage

Nissan, Suzuki and Mitsubishi the Latest Automakers Impacted by Semiconductor Shortage

Nissan Takes Remote Work to New Heights With Office Pod Caravan

Nissan may have unveiled the most unique remote work concept yet, the NV350, an Office Pod Concept camper van.

Renault Investing Heavily in the Mobility Revolution

The world’s leading automotive alliance, Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, is spending a billion dollars over the next five years investing in technology-focused mobility startups. François Dossa, says that they are investing in technologies that will make the mobility of the future.

GM’s Bob Lutz on Carlos Ghosn: No CEO is Immune to CEO Disease

Former GM vice chairman Bob Lutz commenting on Nissan’s Carlos Ghosn arrest says that no CEO is immune to CEO disease. He said that he’s surprised at this, but in a way not too surprised.

Nissan UK: 6% Adwords Conversion Rate Of Showroom Visits From Mobile Clicks

Marc Palmer, Marketing Communications Manager of Nissan UK, recently spoke in an Adwords promotional video for Google on the effectiveness of using Google Adwords for Nissan. “When you get your first car, suddenly, there’s that little bubble that you live…

Bret Michaels Parodies Himself; You Can’t Look Away

Bret Michaels didn’t invent cock rock, hair metal, metal ballads, denim metal, glam, do-rags, tattoos, eyeliner, car crashes, band feuds, ripoff songwriting, MTV celeb reality shows, shameless country music crossover attempts, or rehab. But Bret Michaels has dipped his boot…

Toyota Recalls 650,000 Vehicles for Faulty Airbags

Today, Toyota announced an expansion to a recall which originally occurred in April 2013. The newly expanded recall affects an additional 650,000 vehicles in Japan, bringing the overall total to 2.27 million vehicles over the past year. The recall deals…

Best Car Deals Memorial Day Weekend: Chrysler, Nissan, And Ford

Looking to buy a car this Memorial Day weekend? Want to get the best deal? Look no further than the Kelley Blue Book. 24/7 Wall Street News said that, according to them, the best deal is the $3,250 cash-back offered…

Small SUVs Are Leading Spring Auto Sales

This year’s spring auto sales season is off to a good start, with new a Autodata Corp. report showing that nearly 1.4 million motor vehicles were sold in the U.S. during April. This represents an 8% increase in sales from…