Hello Retro: The Datsun Is Back!


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Hello retro! After nearly 30 years they're back, but not in America or anywhere close. Nissan has announced that they will be breathing new life into an 70' and 80's classic, the Datsun. I'm sure this isn't exciting for a lot of folks, but there's definitely still some of these gems on the road and i've met their owners. Guess what? They love these beasts.

Essentially they were off brand Nissan vehicles, but they truly had a charm all their own. Like Nissan brand vehicles from the same era, they had a reputation for trouble free mechanicals and high-milage lifespans. Don't get me wrong, plenty of Datsun owners were on the losing end of many a car joke, but like all the great rice-burners, they had a market.

Nissan is hoping to successfully market the new Datsun in developing markets like Russia, Indonesia, and China. They want to offer an affordable compact car that consumers in those areas can afford and at the same time, not hurt the Nissan brand. So Datsun is the perfect solution. Nissan says they will offer the cars for around $6000. No mention of what models will be offered or if they will liken themselves to their predecessors.

We'll have to wait and see what they come up with. I doubt it will be anything as cool as the previous Datsun models, but i'm gonna find out more either way. Keep your eyes out for some of these classics on the road. There's not too many, but there's definitely a few.