Disney CEO: What Netflix Has Done Has Actually Been Good For Us

“We wouldn’t have been ready to launch it (Disney+) two or three years ago,” says Disney CEO Bob Iger. “You could argue that what Netflix has done has actually been good for us because they’ve seeded the marketplace to robust over-the-top content distribution and presentation.”

Hulu May Implement New Binge Watching Ad Format

Peter Naylor, SVP Advertising Sales at Hulu, says that they are “exploring new ad experiences for binge watchers.” Naylor indicated to AdAge that Hulu may introduce a binge ad product to advertisers at the upcoming NewFronts.

The Moral of the Story is That Netflix Shifted Our Habits, Says Patrick Bet-David

Blockbuster was an $8.4 billion company that was taken down by a startup called Netflix that successfully shifted the habits of consumers. Blockbuster thought that people wanted the experience of picking out physical DVD’s and would not want to just download a movie. They were wrong.

Netflix Must Create Ad Model or Raise Prices

Netflix announced that their original movie ‘Bird Box’ generated over 45 million streams in just the first week making it the best first 7 days ever for a Netflix film. However, some analysts say that their $12 billion in debt and mounting costs will require Netflix to either raise subscription prices again or create an advertising model.

Discovery CEO: We’re Trying To Create a Golf Netflix

In announcing a wide-ranging content deal with golf legend Tiger Woods, Discovery CEO David Zaslav says that what we’re trying to do is really create a golf Netflix. Discovery’s strategy is partnering with high profile personalities such as Tiger and Oprah and to provide quality non-scripted programming globally.

Are You Ready for the New Mobile Gold Rush?

“Are you ready for the new mobile gold rush? Of course you’re not,” said Jim O’Leary, Sr. Manager Mobile Solutions Marketing at Cisco. “Though truth be told, the pending growth in mobile video may be more like a video tornado…

Netflix Earnings Out, 81 Million Members Reported

Netflix just reported its earnings for Q1, and announced that it has surpassed 81 million members. That’s up from 75 million on January 1, just after the prior quarter closed. Revenue for the quarter was $1.96 billion. Earnings per share…

Amazon Prime Video Becomes Standalone Service To Take On Netflix

Amazon is now offering the option to subscribe to Prime Video without subscribing to Prime itself. Prime Video has, until now, basically been a perk for Prime members, who also get free two-day shipping, unlimited music streaming, access to over…

Netflix Price Increase Coming Soon For Those Who Have Been Subscribers For At Least 2 Years

A Netflix price increase is coming soon for subscribers who have been with the service for two years or longer. A reported “millions” more will soon be forced to pay more if they want to keep the HD plan they’re…

‘John Stamos: A Human, Being’ Netflix Original ‘Announced’

Netflix “announced” a new original program coming on April 31, which obviously means it’s an April Fools’ joke since that day doesn’t exist. The project is called “John Stamos: A Human, Being” and stars John Stamos as John Stamos. The…