Netflix Password Sharing Crackdown Continues

Netflix is continuing its efforts to crack down on password sharing, making it a bit more inconvenient.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings Steps Down, Co-CEOs to Replace Him

Reed Hastings is stepping down as CEO of Netflix, vacating a position he has held since 1999, after co-founding the company in 1997.

UK Government Rules Netflix Password Sharing Illegal

Netflix customers in the UK are in for a big disappointment, with the government ruling that password sharing is illegal.

Users Decry Adobe/Figma Deal; Fear Adobe Will Destroy Figma

Users are up in arms over Adobe’s plans to purchase design startup Figma, fearing the larger company will ruin the startup’s services.

Amazon Prime Is the Top US Streaming Service

Amazon Prime has pulled off a major win against Netflix, supplanting it as the top streaming service in the US.

Netflix Ramping Up Game Production With Its First AAA PC Title

Netflix is wading deeper into the gaming market, with a job posting revealing it is planning to release its first AAA PC game title.

Netflix’s Ad-Support Plan Has Arrived

Netflix has finally rolled out its ad-supported plan, although it won’t be free like many users may have hoped.

Netflix Is Back! Company Reports Subscriber Growth Once Again

Netflix is one again reporting subscriber growth, putting investors at ease after the company reported a slump last quarter.

The Days of Freeloading Are Numbered as Netflix Launches Profile Transfer

Netflix has launched Profile Transfer, a way for users to move their personalized content from an existing account to a new one of their own.

Netflix Is Launching Its Own Internal Game Studio

Netflix is doubling down on gaming, launching its own game studio to take development in-house.

Netflix Taps Snap Exec to Run Its Ad Business

As Netflix rolls out an ad-supported tier, the company has poached a top exec from Snap to take the lead.

Netflix’s Ad-Supported Plan Will Have a Major Limitation

Netflix is working to roll out an ad-supported plan, but it will come with a major limitation: no downloads.

Netflix Has a Gaming Problem

Netflix appears to have a gaming problem, with the overwhelming majority of its users not embracing the new feature.

Microsoft’s Netflix Formula: Promise Big and Don’t Compete

Microsoft surprised the industry Netflix chose the Redmond company for its advertising ambitions, but Microsoft had a winning formula.

Netflix Taps Microsoft to Help It Roll Out an Ad-Supported Tier

Netflix is moving forward with its plans for an ad-supported tier, tapping Microsoft to help it develop the necessary infrastructure.

Netflix Confirms Ad-Supported Plans Are On the Way

Netflix has confirmed rumors that it is working on ad-supported plans as the company looks to grow its subscriber base.

Netflix Lays Off An Additional 300 Employees

The hits keep on coming for Netflix, and not the blockbuster kind, as the company lays off an additional 300 employees.

Netflix May Charge More For Account Sharing

Netflix is experimenting with changes to its plans, possibly charging more for customers who share their account with others.

Netflix Games Comes to iOS

Netflix has brought its Netflix Games service to iOS, including both iPhones and iPads, as the company expands its offerings.

Netflix Buys Night School Studio, Creator of Oxenfree

Netflix has purchased Night School Studio, its first game studio, as the company expands from streaming into gaming.