Hacker Boasts of Massive T-Mobile Data Breach, Company Investigating

A hacker is claiming to have obtained data for some 100 million T-Mobile customers and is trying to sell it.

Keystrokes and Mouse Clicks: Amazon’s Plan to Monitor Customer Service Staff

Amazon is rolling out a sweeping monitoring program, with the goal of tracking the keystrokes and mouse clicks of its customer service staff.

AWS Bans NSO Group Behind Pegasus Spyware Used Against Journalists

Amazon Web Services has shut down the accounts of Israeli surveillance firm NSO Group, following explosive revelations of its software being used to target activist and journalists.

IRS Under Investigation For Illegally Tracking Americans via Their Phones

The IRS is under investigation by the US Treasury’s Inspector General for purchasing smartphone data to illegally track Americans.

Zoom Removes Facebook SDK From iOS Client

The latest Zoom update removes the Facebook SDK responsible for the app sharing data with Facebook, even if a user did not have a Facebook account.

Coronavirus: AT&T and Comcast Do Their Part to Help Telecommuters

AT&T and Comcast have both adjusted their home internet packages in an effort to assist Americans who will be telecommuting as a result of the coronavirus.

PSA: Don’t Post Links to Private WhatsApp Groups

Although WhatsApp is well-known for its security and end-to-end encryption, posting links to WhatsApp groups can open the entire group to the internet.

Avast Caught Selling Detailed Browsing History to Marketers

Another day, another company abusing customer privacy. A joint investigation by PCMag and Motherboard has discovered that antivirus maker Avast, who also owns AVG, has been selling extremely detailed information about customer browsing histories to marketers. The company division responsible…

VICE Tests Ring’s Security: Spoiler, It’s Awful

Ring made headlines last week when multiple hacks were reported, with some disturbing results. In the wake of the reports, Ring tried to assure users that its network and systems had not been compromised and that the hacks were the…

California DMV Selling Drivers’ Personal Information

In a case of “what are they thinking,” the California DMV has admitted that it sells drivers’ information to the tune of $50 million a year, according to an investigation by Motherboard. Motherboard used a public record acts request to…