Biden Will Nominate Long-Time Google Foe to Lead DOJ Antitrust Efforts

In a worrisome sign for Big Tech, President Joe Biden plans to nominate Jonathan Kanter, a long-time Google foe, to head the DOJ antitrust division.

Ohio AG Sues to Declare Google a Public Utility

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost has filed a lawsuit trying to have Google declared a public utility.

French Competition Authority Fines Google $267 Million

The French Competition Authority has fined Google $267 million for favoring its own advertising services and abusing its dominant position.

Google Now Facing Third Suit, As 30 State Sue Over ‘Illegal Monopoly’

Google is being sued by 30 states, as the company faces its third lawsuit over abusing its monopoly in search and online advertising.

States Sue Google For Antitrust Violations

As predicted, a coalition of 10 states have sued Google for alleged monopolistic behavior in digital advertising. The DOJ filed a lawsuit against Google in October, accusing the company of abusing its monopoly in the search business. Shortly after, Texas…

DOJ Files Antitrust Charges Against Google

The US Department of Justice has officially filed antitrust charges against Google, accusing the search giant of monopolistic practices regarding its search business.

Monopoly Rules To Incorporate “House Rules”

Monopoly rules are changing, and with a little help from you. Ever sat down as family or friends to play a game of monopoly and used some rules that might not be in the rulebook? Do you get a wad…

Monopoly’s Battle Of The Brands: Carnival Is Victorious!

Monopoly has been and will forever be, in this writer’s eyes, a terrible and infuriating game meant only to tear families and friendships apart. Setting aside the traumatic childhood experiences that involve board flipping and shouting matches with siblings and…

McDonald’s Monopoly Game Is Back

McDonald’s longtime popular Monopoly sweepstakes game is back! It’s not hard to play the game. All you have to do is pick up a Monopoly board from your local McDonald’s, and then buy the menu items that contain the two-stamp…

Jon Stewart Thinks the Internet Should’ve Picked the Robot in that Monopoly Vote

Monopoly recently gave the internet (more specifically people on Facebook) the opportunity to kick out one of the old, stale pieces and replace it with a cool, hip new piece. Monopoly made one of the new options a cat. The…