Blackberry Selling $600 Million Worth of Patents

Blackberry is selling off its legacy patents, primarily covering mobile devices, messaging, and wireless connectivity, to the tune of $600 million.

Healthcare Messaging and the Future of Care

Technology has literally transformed the way we talk to people. Even you, as you read the words that the author has typed, are reading words that have never seen a physical piece of paper. We hear from people around the…

Blackberry 5G Phone With Physical Keyboard Coming in 2021

It’s the brand that won’t die, as OnwardMobility has announced it is bringing a 5G Blackberry with traditional keyboard to market in 2021.

Qualcomm Intros Snapdragon 888, Promises ‘Breakthrough Performance’

Qualcomm has announced the next iteration of its Snapdragon line of processors, the flagship Snapdragon 888.

Google Search Experiencing Issues With Mobile Indexing and Canonicalization

Google has confirmed it is dealing with two separate issues with its search, one impacting mobile indexing and the other canonicalization.

How Mobile is Changing Marketing by Creating Value

At Salesforce Dreamforce, Stephanie Buscemi, CMO of Salesforce, and Susan Prescott, Vice President Product Marketing at Apple discussed how mobile is changing the world of marketing.

Mobile Is Finally Coming To the Enterprise, Says ServiceNow CEO

“Mobile is coming to the enterprise, finally,” says ServiceNow CEO John Donahoe. “It’s been a long time coming. We are very excited about the mobile capabilities coming in Q3, native out of the box so every one of our customers can build them in a low-code or no-code way.”

Google Launching Google Play Protect to Help Protect Against Malicious Apps

Android has solidified its position as the dominant mobile operating system (OS) on the market in large part due to its open nature. Any company can license Android and install it on their hardware. Similarly, the Google Play Store has…

Honda Acquires Drivemode, Makers of Smartphone Apps for Drivers

Honda R&D Co., Ltd. (Honda R&D)—Honda’s research and development arm—announced it has acquired California-based Drivemode, Inc., a startup dedicated to creating and operating smartphone-based connected services. The two companies had been collaborating since 2015 through Honda’s Xcelerator program. Drivemode is…

John Legere Not Leaving T-Mobile For WeWork

The Wall Street Journal reported earlier this week that WeWork was in talks with T-Mobile CEO John Legere to take over at the office space company. Now, according to Alex Sherman at CNBC, Legere is not taking the job. In…

Microsoft Announces All-In-One Office App For Mobile Devices

Microsoft just announced a major redesign of its Office apps for mobile devices, combining them into a single application. For decades, Microsoft Office has been the gold standard for productivity software and is one of the main applications that has…

SoundHound & Deutsche Telekom Form Partnership For Voice-Driven AI Devices

SoundHound and Deutsche Telekom have announced a partnership between the two companies to help the latter integrate voices services. Deutsche Telekom is looking to differentiate itself in the telecom industry by using voice services to complement traditional, manual interfaces, and…

Rakuten Rolling Out Revolutionary 5G Mobile Network In Japan

As 5G rolls out consumers will understand the benefits. The key is an edge computing. There is a very low latency between your device and edge. It’s just a millisecond latency, so it’s almost like you have artificial intelligence. You hold your own artificial intelligence in your hand.

We Expect To See the Peak of 5G In 2023, Says Ranplan Wireless CEO

“With respect to rollouts, what we expect, and there has been a lot of trials going on and a lot of demonstrations going on, but the initial trials were in-building last year,” says Alastair Williamson, CEO of Ranplan Wireless. “We expect these to accelerate in 2019 and we expect to see the peak of 5G coming through in about 2023.”

Western Union CEO on Amazon Partnership: Buy Globally and Pay Locally

Hikmet Ersek, President, CEO, Western Union, recently discussed the new partnership with Amazon, competition with Zelle and Vinmo, and the overall health of the business.

Chipotle CEO Going Digital to Create a ‘Frictionless Experience’

The company has introduced a new app, digital lines, digital pickup shelves and a mobile pickup window in an effort to create a “frictionless experience” for its customers according to Chipotle CEO Brian Niccol.

Facebook’s Creative Hub Helps Businesses Make Effective Ads

Facebook has launched Creative Hub, a platform for its mobile advertisers to learn, create and share ad media. Creative Hub is billed as “a new way to create mockups for ads, share them with anyone and experience your work as…

The State of Artificial Intelligence at Facebook

When you think of Facebook, you think of data, but not so much technology. Get ready for an in-depth preview of how Facebook is and is further planning to use artificial intelligence and other key technologies that they see as…

Google Launches ‘Get Trips’ Mobile App

Google has created a comprehensive new travel app, Get Trips, available for both Android & iOS mobile devices, that push it further into the travel industry. The new travel app, targeted toward sight seeing consumers, is both a trip planner…

Georgia Prison CIO Gives Google Cloud Credit for Saving Millions

Georgia’s Department of Community Supervision has gone virtual via Google Apps and Chromebooks. With staff increases and with significant amounts of time outside of their offices, The State of Georgia was looking for a more economical and cost-efficient solution to…