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Tag: Mobile phones

International Journal of Oncology: Mobile Phones Cause Brain Tumors
The International Journal of Oncology has released a report on cell phone risks, concluding that mobile devices cause cancer and brain tumors....
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Over Half of Mobile Phones Will Come From China Next Year
The mobile industry, including the smartphone segment, has begun to in established markets begins. Device manufacturers are now focusing on emerging m...
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Family Wireless Plans Emerge in Competitive Market
Verizon’s hold as the number one wireless carrier in the United States may be slipping. AT&T is making a solid run to go from the second bi...
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Apple, Samsung Set to Dominate Smartphone Sales
For over one year, industry numbers have been showing that the smartphone market is quickly becoming a two-company race. Apple and Samsung have been t...
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Mobile Shipments Are Still Growing, Says Analyst
Earlier this week, analyst firm TrendForce estimated that smartphone shipments for the second quarter of 2013 were up 6.6% year-over-year. Today anoth...
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Finns Chuck Phones for the Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships
Do you hate your mobile phone? Donate it to a Finn. Savonlinna, Finland has been hosting the Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships for over a deca...
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Nokia Q1 2012 Financials Reveal a $1.7 Billion Loss
Nokia reports a loss of $1.7 billion for the first quarter of 2012. Sales at the same time last year reached $13.6 billion, but only achieved $9.7 bil...
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You May Suffer From Nomophobia
Nomophobia or “no mobile phone phobia” is the fear of losing or being separated from your beloved electronic appendage and for 66% of peop...
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North Korea Would Punish Cellphone Users As War Criminals
Genocides, obliterations of cities, murder of prisoners, egregious violation of international humanitarian law. These are crimes that will likely get ...
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Should Your Mobile Phone Activity Affect Your Credit Score?
The Boston Globe ran a story a few days ago about a company called Cignifi who has developed a way to calculate a person’s credit report in the ...
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Nielsen Study: Teen Mobile Data Usage Up Over 250%
Nielsen has released the results of a study into mobile phone usage by various age groups. While the study shows a rise in data usage across the board...
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Guys Beware: Cell Phones Could Damage Your Sperm
On the list of cancer-causing boogeymen, cellphones are pretty high on the list. For years, people have been saying that they cause cancer – and...
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Does Everybody Own a Mobile Phone?
If home computing ever does truly die, the culprit is an obvious choice. The mobile phone. While I’m one to believe that home computing hasnR...
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Charging Your Devices With Sound?
Hey, you guys wanna get blinded with some science? South Korean engineers have found a novel way to charge your mobile phone – noise. Basically ...
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