Over Half of Mobile Phones Will Come From China Next Year

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The mobile industry, including the smartphone segment, has begun to in established markets begins. Device manufacturers are now focusing on emerging markets as the source for mobile growth in the coming years. Manufacturers such as Apple, BlackBerry, and Samsung have all unveiled low-cost smartphones meant to drive sales in places such as India, Brazil, and, most importantly, China.

As manufacturers seek to break into the Chinese market, Chinese companies themselves are beginning to become a major force in the mobile industry. With a huge manufacturing infrastructure and government backing, brands such as Huwei, ZTE, and Lenovo are making huge gains in smartphone industry market share alone.

Market research firm ABI Research today predicted the eventuality of this rise in Chinese tech brands is a global mobile industry dominated by those same brands. The firm's new report predicts that over half of all mobile phones shipped in 2015 will come from Chinese brands.

This compares to the estimated 38% of all mobile phone shipments that Chinese brands accounted for in 2013. As Chinese brands branch out from sales in China, ABI expects to see a rapid expansion of Chinese devices across the globe at the expense of leading manufacturers such as Samsung.

“Chinese vendors already take up five of the top ten places in terms of worldwide market share, despite three of them only really shipping into China," said Nick Spencer, senior practice director for mobile devices at ABI. "The Chinese vendors highlight the changing shape of the mobile handset market, as the Chinese manufacturing ecosystem, specifically reference designs, enable the next wave of smartphone growth in low cost emerging markets and amongst price conscious consumers everywhere.

“South East Asia has already experienced this trend, but ABI Research expects to see the impact of these Chinese vendors increasing in all emerging markets and even advanced markets, especially on prepay.”

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