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Tag: Mobile Ads

Facebook is Helping Brands Skyrocket Ad Conversions by Turning Still Images Into Videos
Social media use is steadily growing each year. Research in 2017, shows that U.S. digital consumers spent an average of 2 hours and 15 minutes on soci...
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Benefits of Adding In-App Advertising to Your Marketing Strategy
Digital marketing strategies, like geo-targeting, are still important but brands and marketers believe that in-app advertising is the way forward. As ...
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New Facebook Features: Increase In-Store Business & Measure Results
Facebook has announced new features that will help drive more business to brick & mortar store locations while accurately measuring a businesses F...
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Facebook And Google Propelled Mobile Ad Spend To 105% In 2013 [Report]
There has been a lot of question about the effectiveness of Facebook advertising lately, but the numbers show advertisers are spending tons of money o...
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Mobile Ad Revenue to Hit $18 Billion This Year
As established consumer markets shift from traditional PC to mobile devices, advertisers have been scrambling to catch up and evolve along with mobile...
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How Might Google Change Online Advertising in 2014?
2013 has been quite the year for online advertisers, especially those who rely heavily on Google. During the first half of this year, Google transitio...
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Twitter Ads Get Better, Expand To More Businesses
Now that it’s a public company, Twitter will eternally have a lot of questions to answer regarding revenue. The company’s monetization eff...
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Facebook Launches Video, CPA Bidding For Mobile App Ads
A year ago, Facebook launched mobile app install ads, and today, they get video support and the ability for developers to set cost per action bids. Vi...
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Facebook Launches New Call To Action Options For Mobile App Ads
Facebook has announced some new mobile app ad options to developers to help drive up engagement. The ads let developers make use of seven specific cal...
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What Will Mobile Bring to Consumers and Marketers in 2013?
The mobile landscape is set to change in a big way in 2013, and though some of the coming changes can be predicted, others will provide big (and perha...
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Super Bowl Should Highlight Growing Significance Of Mobile Ads
The Super Bowl, for many, is as much about advertising as it is football. As smartphone and tablet use continue to climb, television-watching in gener...
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Mobile Ads Could Rake in $11.4 Billion in 2013
A new Gartner report estimates that worldwide mobile advertising revenue could reach $11.4 billion in 2013. That would be greater than an 18% increase...
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Google Adds Click Confirmation To In-App Mobile Ads
Google has launched a “confirmed clicks” feature for all in-app image and banner ads on smartphones, in an effort to reduce the number of ...
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Facebook’s Mobile App Install Ads Are Now Available To Everyone
Earlier this morning, we reported on some test images that show Facebook’s new mobile app install ads. These are the same mobile ads for apps th...
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Facebook Tests Star Ratings, “Install Now” Button in Mobile Ads for Apps
In early August, Facebook made their new App Center available for all users worldwide. And just a few days later, they announced new mobile ads for ap...
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Facebook Shows More Love To Developers
This week has been huge for developers on Facebook. The company has not only released the full version of the much anticipated SDK 3.0 for iOS, but th...
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Facebook Announces New Mobile Ads For Apps
After a disappointing second quarter report, and the first since their IPO, Facebook is pushing mobile harder than ever. It’s the new frontier o...
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Can Mobile Turn Twitter Into an Ad Platform?
Twitter is very influential in the news world. Stories often break and and new details constantly emerge from the millions of tweets going out every d...
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Android Users Really Like Facebook Mobile Ads
It seems that Facebook mobile ads are working. That may have been a bit of an understatement as our original report found that the CTR for mobile ads ...
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Google Says These New Local Ads Will Increase Click-Through Rates By 100%
Google has redesigned its local ad formats for Google Maps for Mobile. The company says the new formats have performed well in tests, increasing click...
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