Facebook Tests Star Ratings, "Install Now" Button in Mobile Ads for Apps

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In early August, Facebook made their new App Center available for all users worldwide. And just a few days later, they announced new mobile ads for apps that allows developers to pay to give their apps just a little bit more play on users' news feeds.

The new ads for apps work kind of like Facebook's Promoted Posts. App-makers can chose which of their apps they wish to promote to more users, designate a target audience, and set a budget. After that, Facebook takes control and promotes the app to the selected group of users. You may have seen these "ads" pop up in your news feed under a "try these apps" heading.

Now, Facebook is testing a new look for these mobile ads for apps that makes it a little more apparent to users that they should install the app. The new ads also look better and provide more information on the apps in question.

Inside Facebook obtained a screenshot of the new test ads, which feature better images (coming from the app's page in the App Center) and also include the app's star rating and an indicator of how many of a user's friends are using the app.

There's also a giant "Install Now" button, which doesn't exist on the current design.

The current "try these apps" mobile ad uses the app's icon and features no star ratings or friend info. It also has an icon that takes users to the install page instead of the words "install now."

To be honest, this is a test that Facebook should eventually promote to the big leagues. It's a much better design, both for users and app-makers. Have you seen this new ad design while browsing Facebook on mobile? What do you think?

Josh Wolford
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