Facebook Announces New Mobile Ads For Apps

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After a disappointing second quarter report, and the first since their IPO, Facebook is pushing mobile harder than ever. It's the new frontier of profitability and they need to take advantage of it before it leaves them in the dust.

Part of their new mobile strategy is the introduction of a new mobile ad for apps. Facebook claims that they have sent people to the Apple App Store and Google Play over 146 million times over the past 30 days with features like news feed, timeline, bookmarks and App Center. It's never good enough for them though and they're now sweetening the deal with these mobile ads.

The new mobile ad for apps campaign is actually really easy to set up. It's similar to the promoted post feature that allows brands to pay for more exposure. To get started, you have to head over to the App Dashboard and pick the app you want promoted. From there, pick your audience (men, women or all) and set a budget.

From there, Facebook takes care of the rest. They will direct you to a page where you can track your ad's performance. They'll even provide a sample ad to let you know what it looks like.

The new mobile ads for apps is available in beta form at the moment. You can sign up for it here. While you're there, Facebook encourages you to integrate the mobile ads with the new Facebook SDK for iOS 6. This will help them test both features.

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