Microsoft Advertising Adds Target Impression Share Automated Bids

Microsoft has released its August product updates, including Target Impression Share automated bidding.

Google’s Problems Worsen: State Lawsuits May Be Coming In Weeks

Google’s antitrust issues are on the verge of getting much worse, as Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton warns state lawsuits may be coming.

Microsoft Re-Launches Bing Site Explorer

Microsoft has announced the release of a revamped version of Site Explorer, including major new features.

Microsoft Rebrands Bing as ‘Microsoft Bing,’ Expands ‘Give with Bing’

Microsoft has announced it is shifting its search engine branding from Bing to Microsoft Bing.

Does Microsoft Ignore Bing’s Results?

Earlier this week, Google released their annual Transparency Report, which, among other things, focuses on the multitude of search engine result takedown requests they receive. Among the information contained within, there’s a list of the entities issuing these requests. The…