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Should Google News Be Shut Down In Spain?
Publishers aren’t fond of the idea of not having Google News to send them traffic, it would seem. Who knew? Last week, Google announced it would...
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Facebook’s Trending Feature Just Got A Lot Better (And Mobile)
Facebook announced some updates to its Trending feature, including availability on mobile and new sections for different types of content. Availabilit...
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Would You Let Facebook Host Your Content?
How much do you depend on Facebook for traffic? One day, you may depend on it even more, and in ways you didn’t even anticipate. The company is ...
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BuzzFeed Is About To Get A Lot Bigger
BuzzFeed, the publisher you either love or hate (or possibly some strange mixture of the two) announced a major expansion plan, propelled by a fresh i...
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Westboro Baptist Church Has A New Target: Media
Westboro Baptist Church, everyone’s favorite bunch of wackadoo hatemongers, is up to their shenanigans once again. They are taking a break from ...
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If Online Media Is Decaying, Is Facebook to Blame?
You’d probably laugh if some higher up at Little Caesars posted an epic diatribe blasting the state of modern pizza. You might scratch your head...
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Newscred, Percolate, Scheme To Alter Digital Content Creation
A group of companies is seeking to change the face of content creation and alter how brands are able to connect with target audiences online. They’r...
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Jeff Bezos And Others Give Business Insider $12 Million
Business Insider announced on Wednesday that it has raised a new $12 million round of funding from existing investors including Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos....
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Kim Novak Has Beat Bigger Battles Than Binary Brats
Kim Novak doesn’t have to explain herself. However, amidst the tumult of tweeters (so very brave behind the anonymity of their hateful 140 character...
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Google Makes Deal With Local Publishers In U.S.
Google and The Local Media Consortium, which is made up of 800 newspapers and 200 local broadcast outlets from 41 member companies throughout the U.S....
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FCC Wants Greater Control Of The News
The Federal Communications Commission is planning on conducting a study to determine how news outlets decide what topics to take up. It sounds simple ...
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Calacanis Moves On From Google Panda Update With Apparently Google-Proof Product ‘Inside’
Jason Calacanis is back with a new news app called Inside. It’s out for iOS and Blackberry with an Android version on the way. There’s als...
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Yahoo News Gets New Deputy Editor In Daniel Klaidman
Yahoo has been rebuilding its Yahoo News team in recent months with some high profile talent acquisitions. On Monday, the company announced yet anothe...
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Re/code (The New All Things D) Introduced For The New Year
Back in September, The Wall Street Journal and its tech site All Things D announced that they were parting ways, and now with the new year, we get to ...
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Angelina Jolie Ups Cancer Awareness, Not Knowledge
Angelina Jolie, despite not having held many large movie roles in recent years, is still one of the most followed stars in Hollywood – perhaps d...
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Elon Musk Calls Media Coverage of Tesla Unreasonable
In the past couple of months, several fires have broken out as a result of accidents involving Tesla Model S cars and multiple purchasers. As the comp...
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Gigaom Shuts Down PaidContent As A Brand
Gigaom is shutting down as a standalone brand, and is rolling it into the Gigaom site. Last year, Gigaom acquired paidContent along wi...
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Yahoo News Gets Yet Another New York Times Columnist With Matt Bai Hire
Yahoo continues to build its news team, adding Matt Bai as a new Yahoo News National Political Columnist. Bai is the former chief political correspond...
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Xbox One Rewards You For Watching TV
(image) You may be familiar with the above icon that pops up out of nowhere during game play on your Xbox 360; it usually signifies that the player ha...
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Amazon’s Set-Top Box May Not Arrive by the Holidays
The oft-rumored Amazon set-top box has been delayed once again, according to a report from The Verge: Amazon has been been rushing to finalize and rel...
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