Verizon Media Sold to Apollo Funds

Following reports Verizon was exploring a sale of Yahoo and AOL, its Verizon Media business is being sold to Apollo Funds.

Facebook Announces Platform to Support Writers and Journalists

Facebook has announced a platform to help writers and journalists monetize their content at a time when news and media are under siege.

BuzzFeed Lays Off 47 HuffPost Workers, Will Shutter HuffPost Canada

Less than a month after acquiring rival HuffPost, BuzzFeed has announced it will lay off 47 workers and shutter HuffPost Canada altogether.

Workers at Medium Are Forming the Newest Tech Union

Workers at Medium are the latest group of tech employees that have decided to unionize, in an industry where the concept was once foreign.

DOJ Halts Net Neutrality Lawsuit Against California

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has withdrawn a lawsuit challenging California’s net neutrality rules.

Andreessen Horowitz Hires Maggie Leung As It Doubles Down On Media Strategy

Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) has hired Maggie Leung, a well-known journalist, as executive editor as the company doubles down on its media efforts.

Power of the People: Kellogg’s Dumps… so Breitbart’s Readers Dumping Kellogg’s

We don’t often comment on politics here at, but I thought it was interesting to lay out the facts of a major brands decision (Kellogg) to suspend ads on a popular conservative website ( and that sites’ attempt to…

Google Posts to Give Public Figures, Organizations A Podium in Search Results

Google is trying out a new social media-like experiment in its search results. We all know how the whole Google+ thing has gone, and now it looks as though the company is trying a new, different approach. It’s called Google…

Facebook Instant Articles Finally Come to Android

Facebook announced that Android users can finally now read its Instant Articles. In October, everyone using the iPhone app became able to read thousands of them from the News Feed on a daily basis, and now Android users can do…

Wikipedia Is Bitching About Media Coverage

English Wikipedia administrator Robert Fernandez just published a blog post on the official Wikimedia blog complaining about Wikipedia / Wikimedia’s media coverage – both quantity and quality. On which we are now reporting. According to Fernandez, the media doesn’t really…