Amazon Gives Some Great Ideas on How to Abuse Mayday

Last year, Amazon launched their Mayday button – a 24/7/365 customer support hotline that allows Fire tablet users to contact a ‘tech advisor’ and speak to them, live. You know, like a real person. It’s a pretty novel idea, and…

YouTube Presents Hosts First Ever Chinese-Speaking Band, Mayday

YouTube Presents, the site’s exclusive concert series, has been around for just under a year and half. In that time, they’ve hosted performances from Taylor Swift, Florence + The Machine, Common, The Shins, Justin bieber, and Blondie. Today, YouTube is…

Webmasters Cry Mayday for Google Rankings Again

A lot of people had something to say about Google’s Mayday algorithm update from the beginning of May. A lot of people felt that it was costing them rankings and revenue.

Why Recent Google Algorithm Update is Costing Some Sites

Google’s recent algorithm update, nicknamed "Mayday" by webmasters got a lot of people riled up, as many claimed it seriously affected their rankings, and potentially their revenues.

Do you think the update has affected your revenue? Comment here.

Is This Google Algorithm Update Costing You?

High rankings in Google search results are coveted by nearly all webmasters, but Google is constantly making changes to keep them on their toes. Actually, Google is said to make roughly one change per day.

One recent change in particular, however, has gotten some webmasters riled up. It’s being referred to as "Mayday," and some claim it is costing them money.