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Tag: Mash-Ups

Soccer Hooligan Brawl Gets The David Attenborough Treatment
A couple of weeks ago, a YouTube video of a soccer fan brawl hit the trend cycle. This one, however, isn’t just the traditional footage of fans ...
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The Dark Knight With Just The Joker
If you’ve been on the Internet for a decent amount of time, you’ve probably come across a number of supercut mash-up videos. Whether it...
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Super Morrissey Bros. Mash-Up Gets The Super Mushroom
The cultural star of the Mario Bros. is ascending again lately, it would seem. First we saw the fan-made video of the angry, Mario-hating sun and then...
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Portal 2 Mashes Into The Nightmare Before Christmas
And the results are spectacular. Provided you can shake your gaze from the awesome Portal 2 socks leading this article, the upcoming video will be a g...
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Making a Jumbotron Out of Mobile Devices
Hacks, mash ups and other alterations clearly rule the world of technology. So much so, in fact, that improving upon on third party creations and find...
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