Super Morrissey Bros. Mash-Up Gets The Super Mushroom


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The cultural star of the Mario Bros. is ascending again lately, it would seem. First we saw the fan-made video of the angry, Mario-hating sun and then came a mash-up of the Brothers Mario with Portal. The latest offering comes this way from SoundCloud featuring a cover of The Smith's "This Charming Man" rendered down in the stylistic sounds of the Super Mario Brox.

The Mario Bros./Smiths collaboration has been popping up on the Facebooks and other social media as of late, and as more morose gamers find out about this, expect the track's popularity to continue to grow. The mash-up wizard who created the video, lazyitis, says that an accompanying video on the way but, for now, enjoy the ear candy of the Super Morrissey Bros.

It's a pretty spot-on rendering of The Smith's song, especially with the Moz's cotton-soft crooning translated into 8-bit deets and doops. In case you're unfamiliar with the original, here's a video of the The Smith's original video for "This Charming Man":