The Dark Knight With Just The Joker

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If you've been on the Internet for a decent amount of time, you've probably come across a number of supercut mash-up videos. Whether it's the "F*cking Short Version" of The Big Lebowski or any of the multitude that came out after, these are common content items that live a good life on YouTube and various blogs. Now, thanks to the hard work of the folks at TheCussingChannel, we have another supercut for the ages, this one from The Dark Knight, featuring only the scenes where The Joker talks. On camera.

Take a look:

According to their description, if they would've used every scene Heath Ledger's unforgettable character appeared in, the video would be over 30 minutes long. Here's what they kept:

Rules: Just The Joker, just the on-camera dialogue. Now, there are many shots in this film over the Joker's shoulder, with the focus on the character he's talking to... those lines didn't make it... only the clips where the Joker is the focus of the shot (otherwise this becomes a 30-minute affair).

They also have individual links to the scenes they used, if you'd like to go that route. Bonus, the video has under 1000 views at the moment, so those of you who like to get in on something before it pops, here's your chance.

Just don't be so serious about it.

[H/t to Boing Boing]

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