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Tag: Maine

Google Now Facing Third Suit, As 30 State Sue Over ‘Illegal Monopoly’
Google is being sued by 30 states, as the company faces its third lawsuit over abusing its monopoly in search and online advertising....
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ISPs Sue Maine Over Privacy Law
Internet service providers (ISP) are suing the state of Maine to prevent a law designed to protect consumer privacy from going into effect....
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Judge Sides With Cable Companies Over Maine’s Cable Law
Comcast and a coalition of cable companies scored a win in Maine, with a judge granting an injunction against a law that would require cable companies...
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Kaci Hickox Refuses Ebola Quarantine in Maine
Like many selfless health professionals, Kaci Hickox recently battled Ebola in West Africa under the banner of Doctors Without Borders. On October 24 ...
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Zumwalt Warship Christened by US Navy
The United States Navy christened its new stealth destroyer, the USS Zumwalt, at Bath Iron Works in Bath, Maine on Saturday. The $3.3 billion, 610-foo...
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50-Foot Snowman Called “Granddaddy” Built By Minnesota Farmer
It is certainly no surprise to anyone living in the United States that there has been a lot of snow that has fallen in the Midwest, along with many ot...
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Zumba Instructor Busted for Prostitution Released
Zumba instructor, Alexis Wright, 29, convicted of using her fitness studio as a front for a prostitution ring was released from jail Saturday, four mo...
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Zumba Instructor Out of Jail Early
The Zumba instructor who was running a prostitution ring out of her store front Zumba studio has been released from jail early. Alexis Wright left the...
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Drunken “Joker” Arrested in Maine
Police in Pittsfield, Maine arrested a drunken man dressed as the Joker early Sunday morning, after the aspirant Batman villain wrecked his car. Autho...
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Missing Toddler’s Mom Speaks Out
The worst nightmare for almost any parent to imagine involves having one’s child harmed. Trista Reynolds is living that nightmare. The following...
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Lobster Shell Disease Moving Towards Maine
A shell disease that has run rampant through New England’s lobster industry for years, has moved northward to the lobster-filled grounds off of ...
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Missing Man Walks By News Crew Right After They Wrap Up Report On HIs Disappearance
It’s hard not to worry when a man goes missing for 16 hours. For one town, that worry turned into surprise when the missing man unexpectedly sho...
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Marijuana Tax, Legalization Being Considered in Maine
A bill in the Maine legislature that would legalize and tax marijuana has gained some considerable support. According to a report from the Bangor Dail...
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Boy Killed by Dad’s Plow Truck in Accident
A Maine family is in shock this week after a father accidentally ran over his 6-year-old son with a snow plow truck. The Portland Press Herald is repo...
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Grandma Has Daughter’s Baby Via Surrogate Birth
“Grandma has daughter’s baby” has weird science written all over it. It’s not the plot of a bad 80s movie though as a Maine wo...
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