Grandma Has Daughter's Baby Via Surrogate Birth


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"Grandma has daughter's baby" has weird science written all over it. It's not the plot of a bad 80s movie though as a Maine woman recently did give birth to her own grandson. The science behind the feat is even relatively normal considering the circumstances.

Our story takes place in Maine where Linda Sirois, 49, gave birth to her own grandson, Madden Brian Hebert. The child is the son of Angel Hebert, Sirois' daughter, and her husband, Brian. As you probably could have guessed, the child was born through in vitro fertilisation with Sirois acting as the surrogate mother.

It turned out that Hebert couldn't give birth herself as she had a heart condition. The stress of giving birth could cause complications and they just couldn't risk it. It turns out that Hebert's mother had already offered to be a surrogate mother in the past and Hebert finally took her mother up on her offer.

Sirois said that the whole affair was "pretty simple" from her end. She was able to find a fertility center to accept her despite her age and was soon carrying her grandson. Funny enough, she claims this pregnancy was her easiest since she never suffered morning sickness during the pregnancy.

While the circumstances are a little odd, in vitro fertilisations and surrogate mothers are nothing new. Many women now choose to have their children through surrogate mothers. Studies have even shown that mothers who have their children through surrogates actually form tighter bonds than their naturally conceived peers.

[Source/Image Credit: Portland Press Herald]