Boy Killed by Dad's Plow Truck in Accident


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A Maine family is in shock this week after a father accidentally ran over his 6-year-old son with a snow plow truck.

The Portland Press Herald is reporting that Kevin Capponi of Greene, Maine was plowing snow from his driveway on Wednesday when he backed over his son, Nathan. The accident occurred at around 6:45 am.

Nathan is reported to have been playing with a scooter in the driveway at around 6:45 am when the accident took place. The child was later pronounced dead at a Lewiston hospital.

The family has not yet given interviews to the media about the event, but Kevin Capponi has updated his Facebook page to reflect the tragedy. He updated his cover photo and profile picture, which are now both pictures of Nathan. He also linked to a story about the incident, saying: "here is the story everyone...please forgive me and my family...I love him with all my is now broken."

In response to his Facebook post Capponi has received well-wishes and reassurance from friends and family.