Dropbox Botches Response to M1 Macs, Says Native Version Coming

Dropbox stirred up a controversy of its own making, indicating it had no intention of supporting Apple’s M1 chips before finally clarifying that it did.

Mystery Malware Found On M1 and Intel Macs

A new malware discovered on some 30,000 Macs — both Intel and Apple’s M1 variety — has researchers stumped.

Intel’s CEO-To-Be Takes Shots At Apple

Intel’s soon-to-be CEO is already taking shots at Apple, as the new M1 Macs offer significant advantages over Intel-based machines.

Apple Moving to ARM Processors by 2021

It appears Apple is finally ready to begin making the move to ARM processors, with models expected to start showing up in late 2020 or early 2021.

Ashton Kutcher (You Know, Steve Jobs) Reportedly Eyeing Lenovo Gig

Remember those “I’m a Mac and I’m a PC” ads? Well, replace both John Hodgman and Justin Long with Ashton Kutcher and insert the new line “I’m here to sell you a PC, and also a movie about the guy…

Apple Hacked with Same Attack That Hit Facebook, Will Release Anti-Malware Tool for Infected Macs

Facebook isn’t the only high-profile tech company reporting that hackers have targeted them. This time, it’s Apple. According to Reuters, Apple was hit with the same Java exploit that targeted Facebook employees last month (although the company didn’t release that…

Origin For Mac Alpha Client Released

EA today announced that the Origin client for Mac is coming along, and an alpha test of the software has begun. Gamers with a Mac can download the alpha today, though it will be available to only “a few thousand…

Google Seems To Prefer Macs To Chromebooks

Google put out a video today showing “uncut” footage from inside one of its search quality meetings. This is interesting in and of itself, but I couldn’t help but notice that a lot of the Googlers in the meeting were…

Time Warner Cable Brings Streaming App To PCs And Macs

In an attempt to stay relevant with the kids, Time Warner is bringing its streaming service to PCs and Macs. The service was originally only available for the iPad and iPhone. The software is currently in beta form and works…