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Tag: LOL

Facebook Is Surprisingly LOL-Deficient
Facebook has a lot of data it can comb through, if it so pleases. The latest dive into what people are doing looks into how people laugh on the social...
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Obama Joins the Rest of Twitter in Telling the New York Times to GTFO with This Peas in Guac Insanity
At 1:51 pm ET on Wednesday, July 1st, The New York Times suggested to Twitter that they add green peas to their guacamole. The paper of record told us...
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Everyman Cited After Putting 8 Bullets in His Crappy Computer
In a totally relatable move, a Colorado man took his underperforming computer into an alley behind his house and pumped its guts full of lead. Unfortu...
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Snoop Dogg Pic Lands Texas Trooper in Hot Water
It doesn’t matter who you are – if you see Snoop, you’re going to want to get a picture with Snoop. But beware: if you work for the Texa...
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Burglary Suspect Snapchats That He’s Hiding in a Cabinet, Police Find Him Hiding in a Cabinet
LOL the police are searching my house and I’m hiding in the cabinet don’t tell them haha 😉 That’s probably not the exact message ...
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House Candidate Promises He’ll Never Embarrass You with Dick Pics
If you’re sick and tired of your New York congressmen showing off a little too much skin because they’re pretty bad at the internet, Danie...
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Let a Basketball Teach You Why You Should Put Down Your Damn Phone
We’re all glued to our devices at all times. It’s just the way the world works now. Ted Cruz is likely running for President, Miley Cyrus ...
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Everyone Must Get a Selfie with This Gold Van Double Parked at a Walmart
In Maricopa, Arizona, there’s a new local celebrity. It’s not a person, but an old, gold van that’s terribly parked in the local Wal...
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Fox News Defends the Homeland, Copies Bioshock Infinite Logo
Bioshock Infinite, the third installment of the Bioshock series, was released to nearly universal acclaim in 2013. The game, widely regarded as a retu...
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Waffle House Robbed By Man With Pitchfork
Reality is stranger than fiction, and sometimes you have to creative with the robbery process. In Norcross, Georgia, police are searching for Jeffery ...
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Gangs of Chihuahuas Invade Arizona Town, Hunt Kids
Satan. Satan with four legs, aka, tiny chihuahuas are causing chaos in the Phoenix suburb of Maryvale, Arizona. Alongside their mega poop parties, fur...
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Selfie In Front Of A Train? That’s A Paddlin’
It was a delightful afternoon, Michael thought. Taking selfies with equipment he bought. So he stood by a train, which caused him some pain. “My fac...
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Ashley Greene: Twilight Star Plays Priscilla Presley
Ashley Greene of Twilight fame has transformed from vampire status to that of Priscilla Presley in a new indie film. Shangri-La Suite features Ron Liv...
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Guy Shares His Own ‘Wanted’ Facebook Post from Police Page, Nabbed in 45 Minutes
Parents, if your child is beginning to show even a lick of sense, hold them tight. Not every parent is so lucky. A Pennsylvania man has been arrested ...
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JPMorgan Scraps Twitter Q&A Over Fiscal Furor
It was a brief idea that lasted all of nine glorious hours: the vice-chairman of US corporate banking giant JPMorgan, Jimmy Lee, announced he would be...
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The Ultimate Piracy Deterrent: Britney Spears Music?
The Daily Mirror reports that merchant sea captains who sail off the coast of Africa repeatedly deal with pirate attacks and have found solace in the ...
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Jimmy Kimmel Segment Captures The Heart of Obamacare Discourse
Whatever your opinion of Obamacare/The Affordable Care Act is, I at least hope you can differentiate between the two enough to know that they are, in ...
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John McCain: I’ll Reply to Putin’s NYT Op-Ed in Pravda
For the first time in history, one world leader will respond to another world leader via newspaper columns in their respective nations and languages. ...
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Adding Street Fighter’s Chun-Li To Fail Compilation Videos Wins
If ever anything was meant to be collected and presented in a compilation video, it’s people failing on a day-to-day basis. I mean, is it right ...
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Creation Museum Employee Struck by Lightning
In what appears to be a hilariously ironic turn of events, someone who works at the Petersburg Creation Museum was struck by lightning while maintaini...
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