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Facebook Defends Tracking Users Even They Opt Out
According to The Hill, Facebook has admitted to senators that it ignores users’ settings and continues to track their location in order to profit of...
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Foursquare CEO: We’re 99% NOT Social Media or Location Check-Ins
We're 99 percent not social media or location check-ins, says Foursquare Labs CEO Jeff Glueck. We are rather a location technology platform that helps...
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Google Reminds You It’s Tracking Your Every Move with Creepy, Somewhat Useful New Maps Feature
Here’s the thing: We all know that Google knows everything about us – and of course that includes where you are and where you’ve been. B...
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Facebook Messenger Adds New Way To Send Location
Facebook announced on Thursday that it has added a new way for Messenger users to send a location as part of a conversation. It’s rolling out no...
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Twitter Reportedly Eyeing Foursquare Partnership
Twitter has a location-based element to it, but it’s not that sophisticated and it’s not really a huge part of the service. It appears the...
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Tic-Tac-Go Scales Up Classic Game by Turning It into a Check in-Driven Scavenger Hunt
It’s highly likely that you’ve spent countless school days, work meetings, and beach hangouts casually scribbling games of tic-tac-toe. It...
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Foursquare Finally Moves Beyond the Check-In by Ditching It
Foursquare has been incredibly quiet since late last year. In December, the company touted 45 million users and $35 million in new funding–but since...
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Foursquare Touts 45M Users, $35M in New Funding
It’s been a big, transformative year for location-focused app Foursquare. For the past year, Foursquare has been making both incremental and mon...
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Google’s Field Trip App Launches on iOS
Back in September of 2012, Google released an app called Field Trip for Android. The app, a creation of Google’s Niantic Labs, was billed as ...
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Matt Cutts Talks Location And ccTLDs
In Google’s latest Webmaster Help video, Matt Cutts discusses location and ccTLDs. Specifically, he responds to the following user-submitted que...
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Facebook Building Passive Location-Tracking App for Friend Discovery [REPORT]
If reports are correct, Facebook is currently hard at work building its own standalone location tracking app that will be able to tell your friends wh...
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Foursquare Sees 500M Check-ins in 3 Months, Makes Cool Map to Showcase Them
Foursquare has just put up a new blog post that, among other things, touts the service’s ability to create personalized recommendations, build a...
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Foursquare Now Tells You When You’re About to Level Up an Expertise Badge
Last month, Foursquare made a pretty significant update to both the check-in screen and location pages on their iOS and Android apps. The update broug...
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Apple Looking at Foursquare to Help with Apple Maps [REPORT]
Everyone is looking for a way to incorporate personalized, local results into their location services. The new Google Maps for iOS features ratings, p...
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Foursquare Improves iOS App with Better Location Pages
Last week, Foursquare released an update for their Android app that modified location pages to include more relevant information – putting large...
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Facebook Turns Nearby Feature into an Actual Location Recommendation Tool
Facebook has just announced a huge revamp of their Nearby feature inside the mobile app that turns it from a not-too-remarkable tracker of friendsR...
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Find My Phone for iOS Adds Driving Directions, Makes It Easier to Retrieve Lost Devices or Get Capped in the Process
Apple’s Find My Phone app that shows users the location of their misplaced devices has always lent itself to use in vigilante justice. That of c...
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Foursquare Gives Locations a New Kind of Rating
If you think that star ratings are oftentimes faulty or unspecific indicators of a location’s true worth, the people at Foursquare agree with yo...
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Check-in on Facebook, Get Free Wi-Fi?
Small and medium-sized businesses have now had a few years to incentivize the “check-in.” Between Foursquare, Facebook, and other networks...
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Foursquare Adds to Its Connected Apps Offerings
If you haven’t tried connecting third-party apps to your Foursquare account, you’re doing Foursquare wrong. Sure, Foursquare offers plenty...
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