Foursquare Adds to Its Connected Apps Offerings

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If you haven't tried connecting third-party apps to your Foursquare account, you're doing Foursquare wrong. Sure, Foursquare offers plenty of information on the locations at which you check-in, but having the right connected apps can help you make the best out of every venue you find.

Foursquare's connected apps allows users to attach third-party apps to their accounts. Depending on which connected apps you choose to employ, different information will pop up on the check-in page at participating locations. For instance, if I connected the "Eat This, Not That" app, I may see low-fat dining suggestions at the restaurant I checked-into. Or if I connected the "Untappd" app to my account, I may see which beers are popular at the local bar.

Today, Foursquare is announcing four new additions to the connected app family. They are:

GeoPollster, which will let you know the political leanings of some businesses you frequent; The Winester Square, which is a wine-lovers app (similar to Untappd, which is for beer); #Mom, which will automatically alert your mother and let her know you're safe when you check-in; and YOLO, which will tell you the most expensive menu item at participating restaurants.

Foursquare currently boasts 18 different connected apps., including Foodspotting, Sonar, and the Weather Channel. Their last addition to the group was the After Credits app back in August, which notifies moviegoers if they should stay after the credits for bonus scenes.

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