Foursquare to Launch New Search-Oriented Homepage

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We say it a lot whenever we're talking about Foursquare - but the company that started as a simple gamified check-in app has been consistently "moving beyond the check-in" as of late. They recently launched a massive redesign of their mobile app on both Android and iOS that puts an emphasis on "exploring," and finding locations based on friend activity and previous activity of users themselves.

And it's really all about the data. The company has had years now to compile millions of individual pieces of data on locations around the world. Now, it looks like they're making another move to use that data in a way that helps them grow into a true competitor in the local search game.

According to Search Engine Land, Foursquare will be unveiling a brand new homepage for logged-out users this afternoon. The new page's purpose is singular: to display Foursquare's search bar prominently, so that people will think of Foursquare as the first place to go when looking for info on local establishments.

Here's the current Foursquare homepage for logged-out users:

Foursquare old homepage

And here's how the new page will look with the front-and-center search box:

Search results on Foursquare already include user reviews, composite scores, locations, and more. They also allow for searcher to filter those results (a functionality that is much more useful when you're logged in).

Foursquare wants people to know that their not just about check-ins and mayorships anymore. With all of the data, Foursquare is poised to compete with other services like Yelp and even Urbanspoon (when it comes to food). This small homepage redesign shows that they are serious about staking their place in the crowded world of local search.

The new homepage is not live yet, and we'll have more on this later.

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