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Tag: Knowledge Graph

Google Now Offers A Knowledge Graph Search API
Google’s Freebase recently announced the Knowledge Graph Search API, which will enable developers to query the Knowledge Graph for entities. The...
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Google Pilots Local Business Markup for Knowledge Panels
Last week, Google launched the Google My Business API to let big businesses and third parties integrate with the Google My Business platform and publi...
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Google Now Displays Fast Food Nutritional Info
Google has displayed nutritional information in search results for about two years now – making it easy for you to quickly pull up the calorie count...
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SEO Vet Bill Slawski On Google’s Knowledge And Answers
In case you haven’t noticed, Google has changed a lot over the years, and much of the search engine’s focus is on showing users answers an...
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Drink Up – Google Wants to Make You a Bartender
No, Google won’t serve you drinks – but it’ll tell you how to make them. Google has added cocktails to the list of instructables it̵...
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Should Facts Outrank Links As A Google Signal?
Google has a new paper out that discusses how it might rank pages based on facts as opposed to links. If this were to become the case, it would repres...
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Google Starts Returning Quick Medical Facts
Google is about to start displaying more medical information in its Knowledge Graph, enabling users to quickly search and retrieve important health in...
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Your Brand’s Social Profiles Can Now Appear In Google’s Knowledge Graph
As some have noticed, Google has started displaying social media profiles in the Knowledge Graph area of search results pages for many brand searches....
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Google Is Shutting Down Knowledge Graph Source Freebase
When Google first announced the Knowlege Graph, it named Freebase as one of its primary sources of structured data. It was named as one several public...
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Stephen Colbert Might Just Sue Larry Page’s Ass Over Knowledge Graph Screwup
Apparently, Stephen Colbert is 5’11” – a height that puts him on par with the likes of Brad Pitt, Richard Gere, and Orlando Bloom. Colbe...
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Here’s Some Potentially Troubling News About Google Search
So you know those answer boxes Google has been showing in search results for a while now? The ones that extract text from third-party websites (possib...
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New Google Feature Could Keep Traffic From Websites
Google introduced a new feature for search results pages this week, which displays so-called facts in the snippets of specific results. It’s yet...
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Google Introduces Structured Snippets
Google announced the launch of “structured snippets,” a new feature that puts “facts” in the snippets of web results. As with ...
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Google To Keep Even More Traffic For Itself
Google announced the launch of Knowledge Graph a little over two years ago. It’s already become inadequate for Google’s needs. The search ...
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Google’s Knowledge Graph May Get A Timeline Feature
Google is testing a new feature for its Knowledge Graph, which lets users explore timelines for select queries. Florian Kiersch, who frequently identi...
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Google Has a Jesus-Shaped Hole in Its Graph
We already know that Google hates America, so it should be no surprise that the largest search engine in the world also hates Jesus. Search Engine Rou...
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Google Puts Knowledge Graph Info In Ads
Google is testing a new feature for search ads, which includes links to popups that contain Knowledge Graph information. It appears to replicate a fea...
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Google Extends Knowledge Graph To Google Maps
Google continues to expand its Knowledge Graph in different ways. It’s now being extended to Google Maps and getting video content. James Gibbon...
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Google Drops Some ‘Upper Decker’ Knowledge (Courtesy Of Another Parked Domain)
Remember that story from the other day about Google’s questionable “answers” as it relies on websites to fill in the gaps in “...
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Are You Buying The Answers Google Is Selling You?
Google is once again displaying some questionable content in its Knowledge Graph-style results, and displaying it as the answer to your question. Have...
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