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Tag: Kenya

Ebola Panic Costs Kentucky Teacher Her Job
Susan Sherman, a religious education teacher at a Catholic school in Louisville, Kentucky, recently went on a mission trip to Kenya. When she got back...
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Oklahoma Teen Missionary Accused of Rape in Kenya
A 19-year-old missionary from Oklahoma accused of raping and molesting children in Kenya was ordered by a judge to remain in custody on Tuesday. There...
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Elephants are Acute Listeners of Human Voices
The 1967 Disney classic, The Jungle Book, provided the American populace (and unfortunately the Republican party) with one of our most favorite adages...
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Kenyan Bus Explosion: Attacks Continue Saturday
A mini bus and nearby cars in Nairobi, Kenya were left in pieces today after an unconfirmed explosive device exploded inside of the traveling mini bus...
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Obama’s Uncle Gets OK’d; Not All “Illegals” Get Deported.
President Obama’s uncle got the OK to stay in the U.S. Tuesday by an immigration judge in Boston. Onyango Obama ignored his deportation orders more ...
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Kenya Court Sentences Goat Molester In The Presence Of Said Goat
What’s worse than being sentenced to 10 years in prison? Some would say that a longer sentence would be the only thing that could possibly be wo...
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Kenya Seizes Ivory, Cuts Off Terrorist Funding
Kenyan customs officers in Mombasa have seized almost four tons of elephant ivory in two separate shipments Wednesday, amid a spike in poaching of the...
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Kenya Hostage Situation Still Unresolved
On Saturday, al-Shabaab, and Islamic terrorist group from Somalia, seized control of a Kenyan shopping mall. Reports state that the goal of the attack...
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Al-Shabab Takes Credit for Mall Attack on Twitter
At least 39 people were killed when a Somali-based terror group opened fire at a mall in Kenya. The Al Qaeda-linked group Al-Shabab (also listed as &#...
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Americans Injured in Nairobi Mall Massacre
Americans were among the at least 150 injured in the Westgate Mall terrorist attack in Nairobi today, according to a statement from Marie Harf, deputy...
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Nairobi Westgate Mall: Islamists Kill 25
Islamists around the world are staging coordinated attacks with increasing regularity. Yesterday saw a series of coordinated attacks on the Arabian pe...
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Saudi Princess Innocent of Human Trafficking
Charges of human trafficking filed against a Saudi Arabian princess living in Orange County California were dropped today as the prosecution failed to...
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Being Single Is A Poor Defense When Caught Behind The Neighbor’s Cow With Your Pants Down
It sucks being single. You find yourself looking at every couple with nothing but jealousy and regret at your own miserable situation. At that point, ...
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Don’t Have Sex With Your Employer’s Donkey
Donkeys are a valuable commodity in some parts of the world. You probably shouldn’t mess with them, especially when that donkey belongs to your ...
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40 Patients Escape From Kenyan Mental Hospital
According to a BBC News report, forty mentally ill patients have broken out of a mental hospital in Nairobi, Kenya. The patients reportedly escaped by...
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600-Year-Old Coin Found on Kenyan Island
A team of archaeologists has found a 600-year-old Chinese coin that was buried on the Kenyan island of Manda. Researchers say the find proves China an...
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Kenyans Reading Celebrity Tweets Is More Depressing Than Anything
People on YouTube are calling this clip racist. It’s not. But I can see how one might think that if they just kind of watched the first few seco...
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Kenyan Chief Is A Twitter Boss, Uses Tweets To Foil Thieves
A leading community organizer in Kenya has been using Twitter to help rally people to come to the aid of those in need. And no, to clarify with you fl...
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Google’s Kenya Scraping Deception
How does Google populate its search engine results? A process of bots crawling links to discover/refresh/update content that’s on the web. Grant...
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