Kenyans Reading Celebrity Tweets Is More Depressing Than Anything

Josh WolfordLife

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People on YouTube are calling this clip racist. It's not. But I can see how one might think that if they just kind of watched the first few seconds and didn't really think about it.

Depressing is really the right word here. Watching people in a poor, developing country read the meaningless, inane bullsh*t spewed out by first-world celebrities is sad. I don't know any of these Kenyans, but I think I'm safe in assuming that the woman reading Paris Hilton's tweet about swimming, jet skiing, and working on her tan in St. Tropez doesn't know much about swimming, jet skiing, and tanning in St. Tropez.

Remember that campaign that saw Haitians reading #FirstWorldProblems? Yeah, it kind of feels like that.

It's kind of funny sometimes, I guess. But it mostly serves as a stark comparison between the first and third world. I don't know if Jimmy Kimmel meant for it to come off like that, but it does.

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Josh Wolford
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