Jeff Bezos, and Brother Mark, Will Be On First Crewed Blue Origin Flight

Jeff Bezos, and his brother Mark, will be among those on the first crewed Blue Origin flight.

Bill Gates, Fourth Richest Human, Announces Divorce

Bill and Melinda Gates have announced their divorce, putting into question the fourth largest personal fortune.

Jeff Bezos Throws His Weight Behind Increased Corporate Taxes

Jeff Bezos has come out in favor of increased corporate taxes to help pay for Biden’s infrastructure plan.

Jeff Bezos Stepping Down As CEO, Will Transition to Executive Chair

In a surprise announcement, Amazon has said CEO Jeff Bezos is stepping down and transitioning to the role of Executive Chair in Q3 ‘21.

Video Timeline: Richest Billionaires Over The Last 10 Years

Forbes created a cool video two-minute video timeline of the richest billionaires in America over the last ten years. The current wealthiest American, of course, is Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos who is worth $179 billion.

Amazon Announces ‘Climate Pledge Friendly’ to Aid Sustainable Shopping

Amazon has announced a new initiative, Climate Pledge Friendly, to help customers shop for sustainable products.

Amazon Reports Earnings, Will Spend Q2 Profits On COVID Expenses

Amazon released its first quarter results, beating analysts revenue estimates while falling short of their earnings-per-share estimates.

Jeff Bezos: Protecting Employees Might Involve ‘Regular Testing’

In a letter to shareholders, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said regular testing may be a critical component in protecting Amazonians.

Amazon Threatens Employees Speaking Out Against Its Climate Policies

The Washington Post is reporting that Amazon has warned at least two employees for speaking out against its climate policies. In September, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos (who owns the Washington Post) announced The Climate Pledge, the company’s commitment to meet…

Amazon Looks to Preempt Facial Recognition Legislation

Few technologies are more controversial and divisive as facial recognition. Customers have come to rely on it to log into their phones and tablets, police and government agencies are increasingly using it to identify suspects and privacy advocates decry it…