Rust, Kotlin, Java, and Python See Huge Growth

SlashData has released its 23rd State of the Developer Nation report, and it’s good news for Rust, Kotlin, Java, and Python.

The NSA Pushes for Adoption of Memory Safe Coding Languages

The National Security Agency (NSA) is pushing for the adoption of memory safe coding languages in an effort to improve security.

Google Using Rust for Low-Level Android Development

Google is now using Rust for low-level development of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP).

Microsoft Announces Preview Version of OpenJDK Java Distribution

Microsoft has announced a preview build of its OpenJDK Java distribution.

US Supreme Court Sides With Google Over Oracle

The US Supreme Court has handed Google a decisive victory in its decade-long battle with Oracle over the Android operating system (OS).

Visual Studio Code Updated With M1 Support

Microsoft has updated Visual Studio Code, adding support for Apple’s new Macs running on its M1 custom silicon.

Oracle Behind Spate of Google Antitrust Lawsuits

Google is under siege as it faces multiple lawsuits from the DOJ and coalitions of states, a situation it may have Oracle to thank for.

General Motors Adding 3,000 Tech Jobs

General Motors is planning to add 3,000 tech jobs in the near future to support its software and vehicle initiatives.

Java Ransomware Spotted In The Wild

A Java-based ransomware that targets the software market and education sectors has been spotted in the wild by Blackberry.

AdWords Account Managers Get New Alerting Framework

Google announced a new Alerting Framework for AdWords to help account managers (particularly those managing multiple accounts) quickly solve issues and maintain ad quality. The framework can download AdWords report data, combine it with other data feeds, and process it…

Yahoo Tries Another Aggressive Tactic To Get People To Change Default Search

Yahoo is pretty serious about trying to get users to choose its search engine as their default experience. Since last fall, we’ve seen the company try a variety of strategies. Now, they’re even trying to get people to switch to…

Java 8 Has Seen Rapid Adoption Ahead Of 9 Release

There are a reported nine million developers using Java with the programming language powering a reported 7 billion devices. It’s the most popular programming language, according to TIOBE Software’s monthly index, having switched places with C from a year ago.…

Google Open Sources Cloud Dataflow SDK For Java

Google announced the open sourcing of its Cloud Dataflow SDK for Java in a move it says will make it easier for developers to integrate its managed service while forming the basis for porting Cloud Dataflow to other languages and…

Microsoft Postpones IE Java-Blocking Feature

Microsoft recently posted to its Internet Explorer blog that it would begin blocking out-of-date ActiveX controls as part of its “ongoing commitment to delivering a more secure browser”. It then updated the blog to announce that it had postponed it…

Here’s What’s In ColdFusion 11 & ColdFusion Builder 3

Adobe recently announced new versions of ColdFusion Server and ColdFusion builder – ColdFusion 11 and ColdFusion Builder 3. “ColdFusion 11 along with ColdFusion Builder 3 gives you a unique end-to-end workflow for mobile application development addressing the challenges associated with…

Indonesia Volcano Erupts: 66,000 People Evacuated

Java Island is the main island in Indonesia as well as the most densely populated, and it is home to the stratovolcano, Mount Kelud. Mount Kelud has been giving signs of its coming eruption for the past 10 days. Kelud…

Java 8 Still Set to Ship in March

As Oracle continues to improve the Java Development Kit, the company has stated that it will not be pushing back the release of Java SE 8. The update is still on schedule for its March 18 release date. The final…

Java, Objective-C Still Popular Thanks To Mobile Development

Every month, TIOBE Software releases an index of the most popular programming languages based upon a variety of factors. Most months, the popularity of these languages don’t change much thanks to developers sticking to what they know. As we head…

Oracle Ends Commercial Support For GlassFish

As part of Oracle’s acquisition of Sun Microsystems, the company also acquired the GlassFish application server project. Since its launch, GlassFish users have enjoyed commercial support for the latest releases of Java Enterprise Edition, but that’s no longer the case.…

Here’s A Lesson On The Google Wallet Objects API Java Quick Start

Google has put out a new Google Developers Live video on YouTube discussing the Wallet Objects API and how to get started with their Java quick start sample. This is designed to help developers get started with their integration quickly.…