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Tag: Iron Man

“Iron Man 4” Not Likely According To Tony Stark
Iron Man 4 may be stretching the franchise a bit. While all previous Iron Man films were huge hits, it seems the Marvel universe might have simply mov...
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Robert Downey Jr.’s Son, Indio, Has His Drug Conviction Dismissed
Robert Downey Jr.’s son, Indio Downey, completed his drug diversion program and had his cocaine possession conviction dismissed Tuesday by a Los...
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Olivia Wilde Disappointed in Female Superheroes, Says They Lack Complexity
Olivia Wilde dished recently about superheroes. No, the Meadowland star isn’t thinking of donning a cape and fighting crime. Instead, she discus...
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Robert Downey, Jr. and Wife: It’s A Girl
Robert Downey, Jr. and wife Susan Downey are the proud parents of a new baby girl, born on Tuesday, the 4th of November. This is the third time at par...
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Robert Downey Jr. & Wife Welcome Baby Girl
Robert Downey Jr.’s family has just gotten bigger. According to People, Downey Jr. and his wife Susan Downey welcomed their second child togethe...
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Jaimie Alexander, ‘Thor’ Warrior, Talks ‘Agents of SHIELD’ Appearance
Jaimie Alexander, who played Lady Sif in Marvel Studios’ Thor and Thor: The Dark World, made an appearance on ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D....
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‘Weird Science’ Star Kelly LeBrock Arrested
Kelly LeBrock, former wife of martial arts expert Steven Seagal, as well as of Pantene shampoo’s “don’t hate because I’m beaut...
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Terrence Howard Blames Robert Downey Jr. for His Absence in the ‘Iron Man’ Series
Terrence Howard’s honesty may get him in trouble some day, but according to him, “…who gives a f*ck.” On “Watch What Happens Live,” the to...
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Terrence Howard Pushed Out Of Iron Man Sequel
When watching the “Iron Man” sequel, you may notice that Terrence Howard is no where to be seen. That is because, he says, Robert Downey J...
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Terrence Howard Blames Robert Downey Jr. for “Iron Man” Departure
Remember a few years ago when it was announced that Don Cheadle was replacing Terrence Howard as James Rhodes in Iron Man 2? Maybe not–that has ...
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Robert Downey Jr. Throws Wife Birthday Party
Robert Downey Jr. recently threw an extravagant party for his wife’s 40th birthday, and celebrated with a rather unusual birthday cake. Sure, so...
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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Brings Brick Building Action To Retailers Today
Earlier this year, Warner Bros. and Traveler’s Tales announced that it was finally bringing Marvel to the LEGO universe with LEGO Marvel Super H...
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Iron Man JARVIS App Comes to iOS
Hardware manufacturers and content creators have been touting “second screen experiences” for quite a while now, but nothing so far has su...
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Robert Downey Jr. Is Your New HTC Spokesperson
HTC has an image problem. Sure, the handset manufacturer has put out what is arguably the best phone of the year with the HTC One, but people still au...
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Iron Man Stunt Goes Wrong in Missouri Theater
Iron Man 3 kicked off the summer movie blockbuster season with a huge opening weekend. One theater in Missouri decided, as many theaters do, to provid...
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Iron Man 3 Suits Up On Mobile Devices Next Week
Iron Man 3 premiers in theaters on May 3. Before the theatrical release, Gameloft will be giving mobile gamers a taste of the action with its latest m...
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Iron Man 3: Chinese Trailer (Taiwanese Animation Style)
Taiwanese animation firm Next Media Animation has put out its own trailer for the much anticipated Iron Man 3. It’s pretty characteristic of NMA...
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Iron Man 3 Poster Finally Revealed
Earlier today, an image of what appeared to be a final Iron Man 3 poster being displayed outside a movie theater was posted to a tumblr blog. The leak...
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Iron Man 3 Holiday Greetings From Tony Stark
In all the commotion surrounding the holidays, it can be hard to keep focus on the really important things. For example, the momentary excitement over...
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Iron Man 3 Trailer Teaser Uploaded By Marvel
Marvel uploaded a new teaser trailer for Iron Man 3 to its YouTube channel on Sunday. It’s a whopping seventeen seconds long, and some of those ...
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